Fab The Duo offer a glimpse of hope in their quarantine bop, “Party for Two”

Fab The Dup are an interracial gay couple who met on Tinder and are now in a glam pop-rock duo. Through a carefully crafted combination of Rock, Pop, Blues and Broadway elements, Fab The Duo’s music aims to open a door to all communities around the globe to embrace their personalities and true identities. “We want to show the world that radical queer love is possible and to “Be You, Be Proud, and Be Loud!”,” Greg & Brendan (aka Fab The Duo) tell CelebMix.

Fab The Duo are trying to make the most out of things in the current climate. “We’ve used quarantine to write a lot of new songs, work on our online presence,” the duo continue in our chat about their newest single, “Party For Two“, “But we miss our favorite part about being musicians, which is performing.” In fact, Fab The Duo just had their first live show since quarantine. “It was only 10 people, all wearing masks, but simply having that real human connection again felt incredible.”

Fab The Duo wrote “Party For Two” in the shower and if you listen closely to the lyrics, it’s actually about two people taking a shower together. “We almost wanted to call it “the shower song”,” the duo reveal. “But it’s also the perfect song for quarantine.” Fab The Duo have been stuck with just each other for months and have had to learn how to have fun with just the two of them. “We hope this song shows people that even in dark, isolated times, there are still opportunities to (safely) party,” they add.

To coincide with the release of their aesthetically pleasing music video, Greg & Brendan have also released a home WerkOut video for you to enjoy.

Fab The Duo have been in the studio a lot lately!” Expect more music coming very soon,” they reveal. “We have a new producer with a more modern sound and we’re excited for people to hear the new Fab.” In the long term, Fab The Duo are planning their first full-length album, so stay tuned!

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