Fan Has Nicki Minaj Walking Off Stage

Who would’ve thought we were to see the queen of rap walk off stage, when she brings front row fans on stage? Nicki Minaj brings four lucky fans up on stage while she was ending the leg of her tour, in South Africa but one of them totally stole the show!

Nicki was singing her verse on “Bottoms Up,” when she hands the mic to one lucky fan. They instantly took it, and took the light off of Nicki, with their own choreography and rap verse.

The fan even preformed towards the crowd, and got to dance along Nicki (a dream for most of us.) But it wasn’t just that, what caught our attention. Nicki walked off stage when the fan twirled, and ended with a split at the end of the performance.

If you haven’t seen the epic performance that had Nicki walk off,

Nicki Minaj currently ended her tour with a special opening performance of Ariana Grande, and recently clarified that she’s not single, but prefers to not even identify her relationship status, with former boyfriend Meek Mill.

She went to comment on how fans will think something was going on if there wasn’t any public post on the relationship, thinking there was a breakup. Nicki has always claimed that she will speak what’s on her mind, and never seems to let us down.

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Written by CelebMix