Why Fans Love Arrow

Arrow is an American action crime television show based on the DC character Green Arrow, a hooded vigilante superhero who fights crime in his city using archery and martial arts. The show centers around that character and what his life is like as the hooded protector of Star City.

Brenda | 17 | Northern Ireland – “I love Arrow because the story line is really interesting and I find it a lot easier to follow than most other TV shows. I also like how well portrayed the characters are and the developments behind each and how they all tie in together. Obviously as well the stunts and special effects are extremely well executed in my opinion. The whole mood and atmosphere is displayed fantastically which just makes for a really entertaining watch.”

Chloe | 18 | England – “I love Arrow because it set off the whole DC TV show universe and I love all four shows so much. Arrow remains one of my favourite shoes ever and I’m thankful it exists. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry, and everything in between. Plus, you cannot fault the acting in it, it’s A*. With such a great cast and such a great story, it’s hard to not make a brilliant show. I love it so much.”

Cerys | 15 | England – “I like Arrow because it’s full of action and I love the one liners.”

Gigi | 21 | England – “I love the show because it was my first introduction to super hero/comic book adaptations and it got me interested in them. It’s consistently great, constantly developing new story lines but tying them to the old ones and keeping the show exciting. Plus, Stephen is a great actor and really brings a sense of seriousness to Oliver. Despite never reading the comics, the show is still my favourite!”

Keely | 19 | The Netherlands – “I love the show because it’s not just a typical show, you can relate to every character in the show. It gave me an escape from reality.”

Lucy | 16 | England – “I love Arrow because it was the first DC TV show I watched, and honestly, I’m so glad I did. It’s incredible in every sense of the word. Plus. thanks to Arrow and the fact it became a TV show, we got all the other shows like The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl, and these two are really good shows. There’s no downside to Arrow.”

Varisha | 16 | England – “I love it because the story line is well structured and unpredictable so it keeps me on edge and constantly guessing. I love DC and the actors portray the characters so well. They’re all so badass and I love Oliver.”

Sam | Prefer Not To Say | England – “I like it for the fact that it’s watching a superhero that anyone could work to be like, someone who doesn’t have magic powers but has trained with a set weapon and mastered how to use it. Along with the fact the TV series manages to slowly unfold Oliver Queen’s past, stuff he tried to keep secret and hidden away. The way it all unfolds continues to show you why he is like he is, why he makes the choices he does. Although it’s an extreme situation, it’s also something a lot of people can relate to, their past being a struggle and making them who they are today. The story of a man who used to try go through life alone, cutting himself off and now he’s managed to take friends onboard with him. Making those connections is something people do struggle with in real life. And then after losing most of those friends, Oliver has had to come to terms with moving forward, accepting that not everyone will leave his life and he does deserve to have people. This program really does have relatable points. Overall, I think the core parts of Arrow behind all the crime fighting actually shows a man dealing with struggles in life that many people deal with, the choices that haunt him, the past that makes him who he is and the struggle to keep going everyday. Not everyone is a vigilante, but everyone can relate to the struggles that Oliver faces on different parts of life.

Not everyone has been stuck on a desert island for 5 years like Oliver was, but as a metaphor, a lot of teenagers or young adults feel like they’re stuck in their own place. Dealing with depression, anxiety or mental illness makes you feel so alone. I think Arrow takes those struggles and maybe intentionally, but maybe unintentionally, turns those into struggles the same struggles Oliver faces, making him seem more relatable. He deals with loss, with bringing new people into his life and his secrets, dealing with the fact his father and mother weren’t the perfect role models he thought they were, finding out his sister’s father isn’t who he thought he was. These are struggles so many people face and they’ve put them into a TV program where people can relate to a character but also want to be like that character… There is never a chance of getting magic powers like Doctor Strange, or being able to fly like Superman, but you can get good at fighting your past, martial arts, bow and arrowing, They make a character who’s so realistic yet so unrealistic at the same time. Someone you can connect with on this level of their problems, but at the same time, still know they’re a made up person.”

Manon | 17 | France – “I watch Arrow because I am a big fan of superheros and I think he is one of the best ones.”


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Written by CelebMix