Why Fans Love James McVey

We recently asked on Twitter why The Vamps’ fans love James McVey and we got so many replies that it would take hours for you to read through all of them, so we decided to post our favourite tweets here.

‘He says it how it is’ – @ganglandhardy

‘He’s so inspirational’ – @cathcsjb

‘He is an amazing person, his voice is so beautiful and he always makes me happy. There are a lot of reasons of why I love him’ – @mcveygirlx (We may have just shed a tear.)

‘He makes me stay motivated in reaching my goals.’ – @fancurling 

‘He’s so kind and always happy’ – @boomkapowbrad

‘He’s not afraid to say his opinion about anything and he is an inspiration to many people including myself.’ – @ballftcronin

‘He is an absolute sunshine, so genuine and kind. So inspiring and without him there would be no “The Vamps “‘ – @TheVampsLisax (What would we do without The Vamps?!

‘He’s so educated and so willing to educate other people on issues that are important to him’ – @snapbackcian 

Why Fans Love James McVey 3

‘He really cares about every single fan, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in.’ – @basicallymcvey 

‘He’s so kind and down to earth and is also a great singer and guitarist.’ – @focusbws 

‘I love how he cares for the fans. He’s truly amazing. He’s so passionate in everything he does and is not afraid to say what he believes in’ – @ljpmcvey

‘He’s cares so much about his fans and he’s so talented and sweet’ – @BANDSXDOLANS

‘He’s such a genuine person who cares about each and every one of his fans as if they were his close friends.’ – @glitteringbws 

‘He’s really caring and inspiring, and is so interactive with fans! He makes everyone so happy as well as being extremely talented’ – @JellytotJonnor

‘He is so inspirational by saying what he strongly believes is right and isn’t afraid to voice his own opinion.’ – @bradsnightmare

Why Fans Love James McVey 4

‘He’s helped me become a stronger person and come to terms with my confidence. He’s helped me with my voice and my happiness.’ – @sweatshirtjames (how adorable.)

‘He helps people through things that he’s been through. Stuff like bullying. He puts smiles on all our faces and he’s gorg’ – @omgthevamps_x (we can agree, especially with the last part.)

‘He’s so open with his opinions and he gets so into it when getting his opinions across, I love it’ – @hipthrustinbrad

‘He’s absolutely amazing,he inspires me to speak my mind and not care what people think in the process.’ – @volcanobradley

If you haven’t realized already, James McVey definitely means a lot to his fans and has done a lot for them. We love James because of how happy he makes the fans.

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Written by CelebMix