Why Fans Love Jedward

Jedward. You can either like them or hate them, there’s no in between, but you can’t deny they’ve become quite a phenomenon through the years.

Gravity defying hairstyles, crazy outfits, and energy that knew no bounds, the identical Irish twin duo shot to fame in the X Factor 2009 where they ended up coming sixth. Since then the boys have represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest twice (First, in 2011 with the song “Lipstick” and then again in 2012 with the song “Waterline”), released three albums: Planet Jedward, Victory, and Young Love (the first two went double platinum in Ireland) and even performed to Barack Obama.

“Always always good vibes, when you’re close nearby ” – they sing in one of their recent songs.

And even though they have grown up now and thrown their teddy bear sneakers deep into the closet, those lyrics are still a perfect description of what they were like 7 years ago, are now and probably always be. Full of positive energy, positive outlook on life and the radiation of good vibes that they bring to the people around them.

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Recently, CelebMix took the time to ask fans from all around the world why they love Jedward so much. Here are the results:

Fanni | HungaryWhy Fans Love Jedward 1

Their music is really unique for me. They write their own music which is full of emotion and passion. It can help me to overcome bad mood and it gives me a wonderful feeling. While I listen to their songs, I think about all the good memories we’ve had together. I’m grateful what they did for us. Hope they will never change. (@_LittleDaisy_)

Alanna | UK | 19 years oldWhy Fans Love Jedward 2

I love the positive message and vibe of their songs. I also like their originality and their uniqueness, it’s hard to find that with a lot of artists in the charts nowadays. (@BlakeAlanna)

Sarah Eastman | UK | 17 years old

I love the twins and their music because it makes me so happy. Like all of Why Fans Love Jedward 3their songs spread such a positive message it’s really refreshing to see. They also genuinely care about us fans and do all they can do keep up happy. They haven’t ever change who they are or what they’re about which is super inspiring. They’re to two celebrities who have changed and positively impacted my life. (@Jepic_Mushroom)

Kairi | Estonia | 19 years old

I love Jedward because they inspire everyone to be who they are. They inspire people to dress how they want and make us realize that designer clothes don’t make you a better person.The twins lift my mood up everytime I’m sad. They motivate me to move forward, be happy for who I am and what I have. (@jedwardlove97)

Martina | Ireland | 23 years oldWhy Fans Love Jedward 4

I love the twins the most because how inspiration and laid back they are – they are just so
real and down to earth and so hardworking. They deserve a lot more love. I love their songs because every lyric is so relatable to me. (@MartinaByrneeee)

Why Fans Love Jedward 5Melissa Rose | Chester, England

I adore Jedward because of how much they’ve helped me through my battle with my eating disorder & depression for 7 years. They keep me smiling & have the best advice. I can’t thank them enough. (@JohnGsJedhead)

Ursula | IrelandWhy Fans Love Jedward 7

John&Edward, the most incredible guys there is!
They have such hearts of gold and always so full of love and smiles.
They write such powerful lyrics from the heart.
And not only do they light up the room with their smiles, also with their personalities.
Beautiful human beings. (@TheJedwardLads)

Becky | Newcastle, UK | 19 years old

Why Fans Love Jedward 8I love John and Edward because they dare to be different! Unlike a lot of artists they write their own songs and produce their own music videos. I have been their fan since 2009, when I was just 12 – I have spent all of my teenage years supporting and promoting them, from flash mobs with my friends to traveling around the UK and Ireland for concerts. The twins bring so much energy and positivity and I couldn’t ask for better role models. Without them I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends – shoutout to Alice, Hayley, Josie and Grace. (@whyitsbecky)

Rosie | Nottingham, UK | 14 years old

Why Fans Love Jedward 9I love John and Edward because they are always themselves and are so down to earth! I’ve had the pleasure to meet them and they are seriously so lovely to all their fans! So funny! They are always strong and don’t care what people think of them! I love all their music but their new music especially,I love it because they wrote it themselves and it is really meaningful! I’m so proud of them and all they’ve achieved and how they proved people wrong! They are so inspiring! (@rosiejepic125)

Jazzy Crabbe | UK | 20 years old

Honestly, Jedward has saved my life. Their songs are Why Fans Love Jedward 10more than just catchy, they are inspirational. Ask any fan and they will tell you that at least one of their songs have helped them through a dark time in their life. They are also the nicest people to their fans; from inviting fans to join them in Nando’s, to making cups of hot chocolate and coffee for fans waiting in the cold and just genuinely taking time at airports and hotels to meet their fans and take pictures with them! Never met more genuine and loving people than John and Edward Grimes.(@Jazzy_Jedward)

Lauren Siddall | UK | 20 years oldWhy Fans Love Jedward 11

I love the twins because they care so much about us, they do everything in their power to make us all happy. They love meeting their fans and hanging out and taking photos. Like no
other, they could sit & speak to us all day and we couldn’t ask for better idols that care so much about us :) Their music is literally out of this world and the fact they write everything themselves and do their own videos makes them amazing! They are so hardworking and we are all so so proud of them. (@Jedtastic_Loren)

Migle | Lithuania | 16 years old

I love Jedward for many reasons, but the most important one is that they’re different. They don’t follow the crowd and are not afraid to stand out. The twins are my idols and I hope they’ll never change. (@miglejedfan )

Eileen | Newcastle, UK

Over the years, I have indulged in several celeb obsessions ever since I fell in love with Bros at 13. They have all been fun in different ways, but Jedward stand out from them all and this is why…

From the moment I saw them on Celebrity Big Brother and started looking them up on YouTube, I could tell that these lads were unlike a lot of other famous folks. For a start, they LOVE hanging out with fans and interacting with them online. I have had the pleasure of meeting them a few times now including the best day ever when I was lucky enough to haveWhy Fans Love Jedward 6 booked the seats behind them on a flight between concert venues.

Gradually, they have gotten to know me and my mother and it is so much fun just hanging with them and chatting about films and music etc. It is so rare for a celebrity to remember the names (and so many other details) of so many fans, but John and Edward have an uncanny knack for doing just that. It’s fascinating to see.

Then there is the music. My music tastes are diverse, but my biggest love is a good catchy pop song. Not only do the twins have loads of these, they perform with unlimited energy and enthusiasm on stage. They also write/produce their own songs now and John plays the acoustic guitar during their concerts. These stripped down moments are often my favourite part of their gigs along with the stuff you can have a good work out to!

I realize that not everybody is a fan and some still think of them as the hyper kids of X Factor, but I hope they are given the time and opportunity to progress as artists and to achieve the potential I know they are capable of. They are not talentless and they are not Louis Walsh puppets. They are good lads, working independently on being the best pop band they can be and they are FUN! (@LuckyDipster)

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