Why Fans Love Tom Holland

We spoke to fans of the British actor Tom Holland to find out why they love him so much.

Tom Holland is a British actor that has come to the limelight for his role as Spiderman. He has gathered thousands of fans from all over the world who have fallen in love with him. He and his best friend Harrison Osterfield keep the fans entertained by posting Instagram stories of each other which has really hyped everyone up for the new Spiderman film, Spiderman: Homecoming.

Here’s what Tom Holland fans had to say about him…

Wiss | 20 | Morocco – Why I love Tom Holland? Ah, where to start. I guess it all began with Civil War. As a Marvel fan, I was kinda doubtful about him being Spiderman at first but that very soon changed. He literally owned the role! And that was the first thing that really attracted me to him. He is so “real life” peter Parker; very enthusiastic, cute, geeky and smart. I also love how ambitious he is, how humble he is and how sweet he is to his fans.

Emily | 17 | UK – Where do I even start when it comes to Tom Holland? Tom Holland is one of my absolute favourite people. Going to see Civil War is one of my favourite memories as that was the first time I saw him on my screen and he captured my heart from the start. He’s such an incredible actor and I’m glad that he’s finding his place. I’d like to thank Marvel for casting the perfect person for the role. He is literally a real life Peter Parker as he is so geeky! Also, let’s all thank Harrison for always providing us with quality content.

Emily | 13 | UK – Why do I love Tom Holland? Well, he’s a 20 year-old down to Earth guy. He continuously does nice things that he doesn’t have to do. Visiting children’s hospitals as Spiderman, stops for pictures, talks to his fans. Also, he is such a meme. Everything he does gets turned into a meme. Falling over at SDCC, swearing on live steams, breaking a chair on stage and so many more. Tom also seems like the nicest big brother and best dog owner ever. Also, his acting is amazing! His first two films had me crying for so long because his acting is so amazing. In The Heart Of The Sea, I wanted to hug his character and tell him everything would be okay. In Civil War, his portrayal of Spiderman had me laughing in the cinema. The film Edge Of Winter had me so scared because you could see how scared his character was. And I’m SO SO excited to see him in Spiderman: Homecoming, The Lost City Of Z and The Current War. But, I think the reason I love Tom so much is how he can take a joke. Like, he didn’t see the #RoastTomHolland as offensive, he found it funny. The way he roasts his best friend, Harrison can have me laughing for days. I could go on forever about why I love him, I could release a book but, here’s just some reasons.

Chloe | 18 | UK – Tom Holland is such a dork. SUCH a dork. He makes me laugh so much and he seems so, so lovely. Him and his best friend, Harrison just seem like they’re so down to Earth and it’s so wonderful to see. He makes me so happy. I didn’t start off as a huge fan but then through my best friend, I became a fan. I’m so thankful that I did. I became friends with one of my best friends because of him and I just love him. So yeah, that’s why I love Tom Holland.

Amy | 22 | USA – Tom Holland, what a lovely human being. I think everyone was nervous when it came to him playing Spiderman but he plays the role so perfectly. And, can we talk about how much he’s a real life Peter Parker. He’s such a dork and he’s so smart and he’s such a fanboy. Also, his best friend Harrison. Let’s talk about him for a moment. The two of them together are just the best duo. They make me laugh until I cry, they’re just such normal humans and so down to Earth. Tom hasn’t let fame change him and I feel like that is so important. I love him so much and I’m so happy he plays Spiderman.

So, here’s just a few reasons why fans love Tom Holland! Do you love Tom Holland? Let us know why by tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix