Fast Car to Florence release merch and support Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Fast Car to Florence has released some new merchandise via their official website, with 10% of the profits made from each sale going to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The fund was created by  United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation to help with the current Covid-19 Pandemic. The fund will help end essential supplies such as personal protective equipment to the frontline health workers, enable all countries to track and detect the disease by boosting laboratory capacity through training and equipment, ensure health workers and communities everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection and care for those in need and accelerate efforts to fast-track the discovery and development of lifesaving vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.

Buying merch from the band or any other artist will enable you to donate to a fund which is set up to help end the pandemic that is affecting all of us in some way, but it also helps musicians like Chris and Isaac who like many others at the moment have had their careers turned upside down and cannot work as they normally would. The music and the touring industry is one of the many industries across the world being hit hard by the virus.

The merch the band has on their website is really cool and very reasonably priced. Prices start from £6.99 up to £25.99.

You can see all the merch available here, as well as finding out more about the Covid-19 Response fund, here!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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