FEMM clean up scum in their new single, “Chewing Gum Cleaner”

What do you get when you mix bubblegum pop with Japanese electronic music? You get FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins) and a new single titled “Chewing Gum Cleaner“, of course.

Following on from the release of their EP, “Dollhouse” in 2018, RiRi & Lula, a mannequin rap duo out of Japan, have returned with a follow up to their earlier single from 2020, with a continuation of the duo’s change of pace of face lyrics, full throttle digital productions and a high contrast of colour.

Working in collaboration with visual director Midori Kawano, creator of the RGB_Light fashion lighting product, on the project, the music video uses previous footage from FEMM’s 2018 live performance event ‘DOLLHOUSE’, which gives fans a sneak peek into this innovative multimedia art show that ran for one month in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, during the show’s run, visitors had their bodies captured and modelled in CG, which has additionally been added to this overall music video.


So far FEMM have only released two singles in 2020, in fact, that other single “Dead of the Night” came together with their newest single as well. Whole not as glitchy and all over the place (in a good way) as Chewing Gum Cleaner, “Dead of the Dead” shows a more linear structure in terms of overall presentation.

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