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Why Finn Wolfhard Is Cooler Than Literally Everybody

If you’ve watched the addictive Netflix series, Stranger Things, or have watched the 2017 horror movie ‘IT’, then you will have heard of Finn Wolfhard.

If you don’t know who he is… what hole have you been hiding in?!

Finn Wolfhard is the most iconic and legendary actor of 2017. He is super talented at just 15 years old and uses his talents to make the world happy and completely smitten by him. We thought that we would compose five reasons as to why Finn is the most coolest human being to ever exist:

1. He’s in the most popular Netflix series to date, ‘Stranger Things’ as Mike.

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2. He is in a rock band called ‘Calpurnia’ as the lead vocalist AND can play five different instruments. Calpurnia are also expected to release their first ever EP in 2018.

3. He has the coolest sense of fashion and his hair LITERALLY couldn’t be any more perfect. Literally, Finn was made to play characters in the 80’s.

4. He has absolutely no filter when it comes to talking to iconic TV hosts.

5. And finally, the most honourable mention for 2017. Finn immediately fired his agent after finding out that he was under investigation for sexual assault allegations.

Can he be anymore wonderful?! He is an angel who shall always be protected and we are extremely jealous of how effortlessly cool he is!

Stranger Things is now available to watch on Netflix.

IT is available on DVD, 15th January.

What do you think? Can you tell us anyone that tops Finn Wolfhard’s cool? We don’t think so but tweet us over at @CelebMix anyway!

Written by ShelbyAmess

My name is Shelby and I'm here to talk to you about all the celebrity news in the world right now and hope that it sparks up your interest. :)