Is the First Female-Fronted Marvel Film Getting an Oscar Winner?

It would seem that there’s no stopping the Marvel juggernaut. Captain America: Civil War has raked in more than a billion dollars worldwide and has also received some of the best reviews from critics among any superhero movie yet. The next movie in the highly anticipated Phase 3 will be Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular mystic, but thankfully, the Captain Marvel movie is also planned in the slew of upcoming blockbusters. Marvel is finally going to treat fans with their first female-fronted superhero movie and rumors are starting to trickle in as to which woman is going to suit up for the role.

There are plenty of likely candidates but only one that we think can really do the role justice. The movie needs someone both strong and talented enough to bring one of Marvel’s best characters to life. Of course, we’re talking about Brie Larson. Larson is being considered for Captain Marvel and would likely work really well in the role. The actress won an Oscar earlier this year for her incredible performance in the equally great and upsetting movie, “Room,” and is riding a huge wave of popularity thanks to excellent supporting roles in hits such like “Trainwreck.” Larson has always done a good job of picking out her roles, balancing money-making, big-studio projects with smaller, more prestigious films. This is also why it’s that much more likely that she’d be willing to take on a superhero movie of her own.

Captain Marvel is one of the best Marvel superheroes today and is one of the main focuses of the Civil War II mega-event currently taking place in the comic books. The long-running character was revamped in 2012 by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Carol Danvers, known for years simply as Ms. Marvel, took on the role of Captain Marvel in one of the most successful reboots of a character the medium has ever seen. The character has become so popular that she even has her own crew of die-hard fans that call themselves the “Carol Corps.” In fact, Captain Marvel may be the single most popular character that hasn’t been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, but thankfully that will be changing.

Captain Marvel is probably the most underrepresented of all of Marvel’s intellectual properties, which is a complete shame considering the character’s popularity. Star Wars saw the universal appeal of having a female protagonist and hit gold with the introduction of Rey, so Marvel is only missing out by not taking advantage of the resources available. They haven’t even made a video game featuring the character yet, and it makes you wonder if the company likes making money. In particular, Marvel has licensed the likenesses of many superheroes to casino gaming platforms, from big names like Iron Man and Captain America down to B-listers such as Blade and Elektra. These platforms let gamers test their luck in slot-reels featuring the aforementioned characters in addition to various weapons, villains and more for both browsers and mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the most we’ve seen of Captain Marvel has been some DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers and an appearance in the ensemble app, Marvel Heroes 2016. If the House of Ideas is smart, they’ll start bringing the female-centric heroes they’ve done so well with in the comics to both video games and the big screen. There are literally millions of fans out there waiting for it and if Civil War is any indication, it’d surely be a massive success.

Sadly, it’s still going to be some time before we’re able to soar with Captain Marvel on the big screen. There are at least four different Marvel movies in the works before Captain Marvel is scheduled to hit theaters on March 8, 2019, but we’re hoping that maybe we’ll get an introduction sooner, much like we did with Black Panther.

Written by CelebMix