Jack Black stars in Columbia Pictures' "Goosebumps."

First Goosebumps Trailer Is Released!

The first trailer for R.L Stine’s famous kids horror series “Goosebumps” has been released. For those of us who grew up in the 90’s, this will feel like a proper throwback, featuring most if not all of the well known characters, including the giant Praying Mantis, Slappy the dummy, the Invisible Boy, werewolves, even the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena!

The premise involves a rather reclusive author (Jack Black) hidden away in an oldish house, attempting to store all his chilling creations in locked up books. Well, we can probably guess what happens next…yep, you guessed it! The books are accidentally opened and a band of teenagers go on the chase trying to recapture every monster and ghoul released into the streets, paving the way for a pretty big host of adventures!

Many 90’s kids may remember watching the TV series, a collection of low budget 20-30 minute stories, and being scared stiff by the multitude of terrors they saw on screen. This blockbuster version however brings a large degree of comedy & light heartedness to the old tales, making it brilliant viewing for kids of today.

The film stars Jack Black, as well as Odeya Rush, Dylan Minnette and Ryan Lee alongside with the official release coming in October. Catch the trailer down below and comment what you think!

Written by CelebMix