Five Funniest “Life in Pieces” Scenes

CBS sitcom Life in Pieces has been airing for just over four months, but its adorable cast and witty plots have already stolen our hearts and sent us rolling on the floor laughing. Each episode, divided into four separate “pieces,” is a comedy gold mine, and we think we’ve struck it rich with these five favorites. Check ’em out!

5. Paranoid Much?


Greg and Jen have us crying with laughter one minute, then crying with emotion the next — tissues, anyone?

4. The Pricey Will


“Is it too late to add in ‘of sound mind and dope body’?” same John. Same.

3. What Are You Grateful For?


We lowkey wish there was a Namaste Noshery in real life!

2. Passing Gasses


Think you have the most embarrassing family in the world? The Shorts and the Hughes want to challenge that claim.

1. Boob Girlfriend


In just 3 minutes and 22 seconds, we have grown perfect six-pack abs from laughing at this scene. Although some viewers find it distasteful in its sexualization of the female body, it sheds an honest light on the ridiculous, immature behavior that too often results from the objectification of women. We can’t laugh at that, but we sure can laugh at the blabbering, stuttering mess that is Tim Hughes, and we can work to change the issues his reaction represents.

And that’s the beauty of Life in Pieces. It presents emotional and moral challenges we face every day, but on top of it all it keeps us laughing until our gut falls apart and our tear ducts are exhausted.

If you want to catch more of Pieces, it airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS, or watch full episodes for free here!

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Written by CelebMix