Miranda Joan Releases Comedic Single “I Love You, Dwayne”

We all remember our childhood crushes. Whether it was a young Leonardo Dicaprio in “Titanic” or heartthrob Justin Timberlake from NSYNC, we will never forget the euphoric feeling we got from seeing their face. Though Dwayne Johnson wasn’t necessarily artist Miranda Joan’s obsession as a kid, she does have fond memories of watching pay-per-view matches with her family which has always stuck with her. Her tender tune “I Love You, Dwayne” is an ode to that recollection as well as her recent Johnson fan-girl era. It is an anthem for anyone who is on that super-fan grind. The singer admits, “I fell down the Dwayne rabbit hole because of my Dad’s recommendation to watch Hobbs and Shaw. I now know more about Dwayne’s life than I ever would’ve imagined; every line of my song is a reference to his life and career.” The radiant R&B release highlights her raspy, soulful range gliding atop shimmering soundscapes.

The visuals match the song’s seductive energy with Joan’s suave attire and slow, sensual movements. The video also showcases her light-hearted, humorous side featuring a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cardboard cutout. The eyebrow raise at the end also adds to the offering’s tongue-in-cheek nature. The playful piece was shot in the streets of Brooklyn.

Joan is a Canadian soul-pop singer and songwriter who has gained a loyal fan base through her rich tone and skillful storytelling. Studying Jazz in college brought her to New York and now she divides her time between countries. Growing up in Vancouver and Montreal, her music takes on an eclectic quality. Her music is also diverse in the way that some tracks are more deep and emotional while others are more relaxed and fun like “I Love You, Dwayne”. No matter the sentiment, every song stuns with its dedicated delivery.

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