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Five of the funniest The Vamps moments

Whilst The Vamps are working hard on their Wake Up Tour around the UK and Ireland, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of their funniest moments.

There are so many to choose from and we know we will have missed out some hilarious ones. Sadly, we’d be here forever if we had to start naming every time the lads made us giggle…

When the bleep button was desperately needed

This is kind of cheating as it is not exactly a moment but let’s be real – this video is blooming hilarious. Take your mind back to 2013 when Connor wasn’t even an official member of the band for some months, James loved to annoy Brad, Tristan kept fluffing up his lines, Brad had a bit of a potty mouth and no one could synchronise when speaking to a camera. This little throwback never fails to make us laugh. Definitely one to watch if you need cheering up!

When Ball falls

Poor Con. His recent mishap on stage, which resulted in knee surgery, harks back to this iconic moment when he fell ass over bass off stage when the boys opened for Taylor Swift back in 2014. Luckily, he got straight back up and performed like a trooper. Dignity dented but uninjured so it’s still okay to laugh, right?

The balloon that wouldn’t pop

When The Vamps were invited to play a game of ‘Pop It’, we’re sure they didn’t expect the longest and most agonising seven minutes of their lives. We feel like you need to watch this video at least four times to focus on each member and their facial expressions. Who knew balloon popping could be so entertaining?!

Brad getting shaky and sweaty

Brad took on Matt Edmondson’s infamous celeb plank interviews and actually did really well considering how much he was shaking and looked like he was struggling. The banter between Brad and Matt is pretty funny so it’s definitely a must watch if you haven’t already seen it!

James and Brad take on Disney

James and Brad were paired up to re-enact Disney scenes for Tristan and Connor. And they got really into it. Dancing, kissing and lifting – the lot! The bromances live on!

Have we missed out any of your favourite The Vamps moments? Let us know! @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix