Five Horror Flicks To Haunt You This Year

Got the guts to scroll through this list? Good. After a vintage 2016 delivering the likes of Hush, Deep Breath and the third Purge instalment, 2017’s horror movies had a hard act to beat –  but these five prove it’s very much up to the challenge. Let’s jump in…

IT (8 September, UK & USA)

Andres Muschietti’s remake of the Stephen King classic could be the most anticipated fright flick of the year – its nearly-30 million YouTube views suggest so too. Based upon King’s novel and 1990’s big-screen adaptation, IT follows geeky kids in rural Maine investigating disappearances linked to a sinister underground clown. Will they uncover what’s lurking in the drains? With its charming, Stranger Things-esque retro vibes, Pennywise’s grand return could delight families & horror nuts alike.

Wish Upon (14 July, USA – 20 July, UK)

Perhaps the smartest film on the list, Wish Upon follows a 17 year-old whose magic box grants her all her deepest desires – money, hot guys and even her nemeses rotting away (literally). She soon realises that each wish has gory consequences – and her love for the contraption could cost her family & friends their lives. If well-executed, this could certainly be worth a try.

Amityville: The Awakening (30 June, USA – UK TBA)


Disney protégé Bella Thorne lands herself a leading role in Amityville, an Insidious lookalike whose premise is rather safe – a paranormal entity awakens a comatose child, raising questions surrounding the house’s blood-stained past. We actually preferred the initial idea, involving a ‘found-footage’ format and a team of daring journalists, but we’re thrilled to see Thorne finally front-and-centre in a horror production.

Annabelle: Creation (11 August 2017, UK & USA)

If the stupidity of the Chucky franchise didn’t faze you, you’ll love this equally-barmy sequel to 2014’s Annabelle. This time, everyone’s second-favourite psychotic doll returns to terrorise a nun and her accompanying orphans. Produced by Saw’s James Wan, it openly embraces tired horror tropes (creaky floorboards? Check. Locked doors? Check) in what’s set to be 109 minutes of very silly spectacle.

47 Metres Down (30 June, USA – UK TBA)

Enough with all this supernatural doom and gloom – let’s finish on a wacky note. 47 Metres Down promises an underwater romp vaguely reminiscent of Jaws, starring two young ladies whose shark-watching trip goes disastrously wrong. Caged on the ocean floor surrounded by sharp-toothed beasts, some might call this trashy – but we call it fun. Fingers crossed it also arrives in the UK pronto.

An honourable mention must go to Insidious: Chapter 4, which was recently delayed to January 2018. Drat. Still, check that out whenever it eventually shows itself.

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Written by CelebMix