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Five Reasons Why Daisy Ridley is Our Favorite

Happy Birthday, Daisy Ridley!

In honor of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens star turning 24 yesterday, here are our top five reasons why she is our favorite person ever.

1. She is hilariously entertaining.

From making cheesy Star Wars jokes to doing Chewbacca impressions, Daisy is always able to put a smile on our faces.

Image courtesy of Magic Radio.
Image courtesy of Magic Radio.

2. She is stunningly beautiful.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Like, look at her.

Image courtesy of Asos.
Image courtesy of ASOS.

3. She is such a badass.

In order to kick ass as Rey, Daisy has to be pretty strong herself. Just check her out deadlifting 176 pounds (and the inspirational message she wrote alongside the video):

4. She is really quite talented.

Not only is Daisy an amazing actress, but she also has quite a few hidden talents, including rapping! Here she is spitting a verse about Star Wars as co-star John Boyega beatboxes next to her:

5. She is us on so many levels.

Daisy is just as excited about playing Rey as we are to see her! And, just like us, she freaks out over seeing her own action figurines, gets emotional about meeting other celebrities, and even sheds a couple tears watching the Star Wars trailer.

Clearly, Daisy Ridley is a true gift to us all. And we hope she got a gift just as great for her special day yesterday!

What is your favorite thing about Daisy? How did you wish her a happy birthday? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @CelebMix!

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