Five reasons why we love Cherylyn Barnes

If you haven’t heard of Cherylyn Barnes, you’ve probably been living under a rock. She’s the YouTube sensation that everybody’s talking about, and we can’t deny we’re in love. Here, CelebMix counts down five reasons why we love the Aussie legend. Warning: her videos contain some fruity language.

5. She can sing… well, sort of.

She might not be the next Ariana Grande, but Ms. Barnes puts on one hell of a show. She’s already released a couple of singles, and our favourite has to be THE WINGS OF A ANGLE. The video makes us howl…

4. She does Black Magic.

Taking a leaf out of Little Mix’s book, Cherylyn Barnes is the Queen of Black Magic. Her videos taught us how to put curses on people we don’t like, and trust me, we’ve used them.

3. She takes no bull!

Cherylyn gets a lot of hate online, but she doesn’t let it get to her…

sum ppl are gutless peace off shit

Posted by Cherylyn Barnes on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

2. Her prank calls are amazing!

Cherylyn knows how to prank.

1. Her life stories make us howl!

Forget the Kardashians, Cherylyn’s life stories are just so funny.

Written by CelebMix