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Five Reasons Why We Love Nathan Sykes

Nathan James Sykes – from boyband member to solo star, the former The Wanted singer has spent the past five years in the public eye and our love for him grows every day. Whilst we could probably write a whole book, here’s five reasons why we love Nathan Sykes so much.

His incredible voice

Let’s start with the obvious – Nathan has an insane voice. From his ‘I said peopleeee’ middle eight in I Found You to his superb cover of Charlie Puth’s Marvin Gaye, Nathan’s voice can do some crazy things. In the past he has nailed performances with Jessie J and Meghan Trainor and his riffs are like no other. He could literally sing the phone book and it would be flawless. Despite suffering a vocal cord haemorrhage in 2013, after undergoing vocal surgery his voice is better than ever. Who can forget the moment he made his post surgery comeback on the Capital Summertime Ball stage?!


His Snapchats

Nathan LOVES to keep his fans updated on Snapchat. From morning Starbucks trips, banter with his manager to gorgeous selfies, Nathan gets all the awards for his fab Snapchat updates. Recently he posted the lyrics to Over and Over Again through a series of creative updates which demonstrated the meaningful lyrics he wrote.

Five Reasons Why We Love Nathan Sykes 2

He goes above and beyond for his fans

Every pop star loves their fans, that’s a fact. However Nathan always tries to go above and beyond to make his fans happy. When releasing Kiss Me Quick, Nathan hosted Sykes Secret Shows where fans could win the chance to go….oh and he hand delivered the invitations too! Not content with one competition, there was recently a chance to win tickets to an exclusive screening of his new video for Over and Over Again. Nathan loves surprising his fans and to be honest, it makes us love him even more.

His personality

One of the reasons why Nathan is so great is his personality. He has always come across as shy and awkward in interviews etc., which is very endearing. However the minute you put Nathan onto a stage, BAM! What a transformation! He is so confident and oozes stage presence, you can’t take your eyes off of him and his quirky moves. He is also the literal definition of sass at times and has sarcasm running through his veins which annoyingly just makes us like him even more!

The fact that he’s grown up in front of our eyes

Sometimes we look at Nathan and think, aw look at our Baby Nath, disco dancing flyboy and cuteness personified. Then we see stills from the Over and Over Again video and remember that it’s no longer 2010 and our boy has grown up! Never could we imagine Baby Nath cavorting half naked with a girl in a video but guess what, it’s happened. Then again, he did kiss Britney Spears when he was little so we can’t be too surprised!!!

Five Reasons Why We Love Nathan Sykes 3

In all seriousness, it’s been a wonder to see this Gloucester boy grow from strength to strength over the years. He writes and sings from the heart and has talent in abundance – he’s a precious soul and that’s why we’ll always have a soft spot for Nathan Sykes.



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Written by Katrina Rees

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