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Five songs from Wonderland that we pray Take That will perform on tour

With just two weeks to go until Take That’s Wonderland tour kicks off, we couldn’t be any more excited about what Gary, Howard and Mark have in store for us. Judging from their recent TV performances, we can expect another colourful and breathtaking extravaganza from the trio.

However, whether you’ll be watching from one of the venues or tuning into a livestream at your local cinema, the one question on every Thatter’s mind is: what songs will Take That be performing?

Of course, we can expect to hear a lot of TT’s classic and most-loved songs, however, we’re eager to know which songs they’ll be performing from their latest album Wonderland! It’s safe to say that lead single ‘Giants’ will get an outing, and after being performed on TV already, we’re expecting to hear ‘Wonderland’ and ‘New Day’ too. Following a standout performance of the track at their BST Hyde Park gig last year, it will also be a travesty if the guys don’t include ‘Cry’ on the setlist.

As for the rest of the album, as much as we’d love to hear it all live, we know that it’s just not possible. Taking inspiration from some of our fellow Thatters online, we’ve narrowed it down to five songs from Wonderland that we pray (pun intended, sorry) Take That will perform on tour!

‘Come On Love’

After having Wonderland on repeat since its release, we’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Come On Love’ is our favourite track and one we need to hear on tour. Unfortunately, as it’s a track from the deluxe version, we’re unsure whether it will have made TT’s shortlist but we’ve got everything crossed. The chorus is so anthemic that it’s goosebump-worthy. We can already imagine the guys putting on a powerful performance!


‘River’ has got to be a tour song, surely? A common theme throughout the album is that some songs appear to have been written with the tour in mind, and ‘River’ is by far one of the most prominent. We’re picturing a marching band with plenty of drums, crossed with a jungle theme.

‘And The Band Plays’

Any Thatter will know that no Take That live show is complete without the group’s loyal band, some of whom have been with the group since the very start of their career. ‘And The Band Plays’ has an incredible instrumental near the end, and would be the perfect song for them to show off their musical talent. It’s also one of the strongest tracks on the album, and would work well in arenas.

‘The Last Poet’

‘The Last Poet’ is anthemic TT at its best, with a sound that would fill arenas across the country. The track would work well alongside some of the band’s most classic material, but would also stand out in its own right.


Our last pick is the Mark-led ‘Superstar’. The track showcases two sides to the group as the track begins in a stripped back manner, before erupting into a powerful anthem. The clapping around the 1:48 mark screams out to be repeated by thousands of fans! In our minds, we’re picturing a dramatic performance, which would tie in nicely with the Wonderland theme.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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