Five of The Tide’s Best Covers

The Tide are a pop rock band who are currently signed to The Vamps’ new record label, Steady Records, under EMI Universal. The band were formed in 2015 and originate from Los Angles, California. The band consists of Nate Parker, Austin Corini, Levi Jones and Drew Dirksen. The band toured with British boy band The Vamps in 2015 alongside Union J. The boys are also currently touring with The Vamps again with HomeTown, Conor Maynard and New Hope Club.

Why We Love The Tide 5

To celebrate The Tide’s brand new single ‘Young Love’ which was released on the 24th of March 2016, we’ve decided to take a look at five of our favourite The Tide covers in no particular order.


Cake By The Ocean by DNCE is definitely one of our favourite covers from the boys because it has a very fun video of them in the tour bus to go with it and we get to hear Nate’s amazing vocals! We also love it because we can see the boys are having a lot of fun during the video which is great for us fans to see.


The boys covered Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ last November on their youtube channel ‘The Tide Official.’ Even though Nate didn’t get a solo, we still loved it because he was having a lot of fun alongside the other boys and they all looked as though they were enjoying it.


The boys covered Elle King’s ‘Ex’s & Oh’s,’ on the AwesomenessTV youtube channel. We loved this cover because it was a chance for us to see and hear another side of The Tide that we hadn’t heard before. In this song we got to hear a more rocky side to the boys, which was great to hear and it was a nice change from what they usually do.


We love the boys’ cover of ‘Rest Your Love,’ by The Vamps because it was their very first cover of 2016. We also love it because the song is by The Vamps and it’s really cute to see them covering their friends’ song. It is also great to see one of our favourite bands covering a song by one of our other favourite bands.


The boys also covered Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off,’ on their Youtube channel in June 2015. We really loved it because they were all playing their instruments and looked really happy and it was very upbeat. We love the covers with them playing instruments because they all look very comfortable in their normal enviroment. Taylor Swift is such an inspirational and amazing singer and it was amazing to see The Tide cover such a great song from such a great artist.

Make sure to check out the rest of The Tide’s covers on their Youtube channel ‘The Tide Official.’ Also make sure to check out their Vevo channel ‘TheTideVevo.’

Also make sure to check out their brand new single titled ‘Young Love,’ below.

You can grab your free download of ‘Young Love,’ here:

We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us this year. The boys announced during their show with The Vamps, that they will be doing a Fan Rally – which will be completely free – at the end of May, which The Vamps did last year.

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Written by CelebMix