Five Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism

Today, we are celebrating the international women’s day. We know an inspirational woman, who stands strong for all women in the world; Ashley Frangipane, also known as Halsey in the music industry. She is strong, she is wise, she is honest. She is an important role model for a lot of teenagers today. Halsey promotes a lot of things she stands for, such as feminism. With the power she has, she can have a lot of influence on today’s society. Here are five ways she promotes feminism.

We need a feminism that is not negligent of women of color, trans women, queer women. We need a feminism that protects ALL women. Globally.” – Halsey

5. She writes songs about feminism

5 Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism 3

Although Halsey said her goal is not to write about feminism but to write about her life, she still has some songs that can be related to it. Being the strong women she is and with the values she has, it’s completely normal to find some lyrics promoting what she stands for; feminism. For example, Hurricane is probably the song that has the strongest feminist element. With lyrics such as “I’m a one night stand/ Don’t belong to no city/ Don’t belong to no man“, Halsey takes words like “one-night stand”, that usually first have a negative connotation of being “slutty”, to turn them into something positive. By saying she doesn’t belong to anyone right after saying she’s a one-night stand, Halsey destroys the wrong image of these words, and that’s one of the most powerful ways to promote feminism. She is changing the meaning of the words that first degrade women to turn it into something great and positive, an important step to change the world’s thoughts towards women.

4. She destroys the image of women’s hypersexuality

5 Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism 2

Halsey doesn’t think women should hide their bodies. She stands for the opinion that says your body is yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. Some people may define her as provocative because of what she wears in the pictures she posts online, but Halsey defines this as being herself and loving her body as it is. She won’t stop herself from posting a picture where she has no bra on, just because it’s defined as being too provocative and sexual. Halsey destroys the image of hypersexuality in women. Why is a man able to post a picture of himself almost naked and get positive comments, yet a woman can’t post one without being called a “slut”, a “whore” or a “disgusting woman”. This is wrong, and Halsey knows this: “I’m sick of hearing “cover up” “don’t talk about your body” like being born a female means a life of shame and guilt because of your gender“.  She even tweeted someone to make them understand the truth about this: “nothing! a! women! does! justifies! unwanted! sexual! attention!” Halsey is also trying to make a change, by showing the importance of being confident and not caring about other people’s opinions. She stands against women’s hypersexualization by promoting women’s beauty in everybody.

3. She takes the lead in her career

5 Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism 5

Halsey works in a society where the music industry is dominated by men. However, she doesn’t work that way. She makes her own decisions, and anything regarding her career like her publicity, her touring, and her music comes from her. If she doesn’t agree with something her crew or her manager does, she won’t be afraid to tell them. She wants to meet fans but her manager doesn’t want her to? She doesn’t care, she’ll meet as many fans as she can; and she’ll deal with her choice afterwards. Halsey stands up for herself, no matter what. She shows that it is possible to take the lead and be in charge of yourself. Halsey promotes the idea of working hard and taking your own decisions regarding yourself. She tells her fans about how important it is to do things for yourself by yourself, whatever happens.

2. She stands for herself and her own opinions

5 Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism 4

Halsey is a model for staying true to herself and what she thinks. No matter the situation, she’ll always say what SHE thinks, not what others want to hear. Halsey doesn’t care if it’s provocative or wrong in other people’s eyes, as long as it’s right for her. It’s her opinion and she’ll stand for it. Halsey doesn’t let herself be influenced by the society or the people around her and that’s something really important for a feminist; to promote the importance of staying true to yourself. She also stands up for her own style, and even once tweeted about it: ” @ misogynistic live music photographers: I like my fucking hair. I like my fucking clothes. Go shoot a beauty pageant “. Indeed, Halsey shows her fans how important it is to be confident, being a strong and confident woman, the perfect image of a feminist.

1. She stands for all the women in the world

5 Ways Halsey Promotes Feminism 6

Halsey has a powerful voice that can be heard by more than a million fans. She uses it right, by using her voice on twitter, in videos or even on tour, to show how great it is to be a woman. She often tweets about women, glorifying them, no matter how they are: ““Real women-” NO. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY“. She encourages her fans and whoever follows her to embrace themselves. Here are a few things she tweeted, promoting the importance of loving yourself as a woman:

” Also, love yourself today and everyday. I don’t care what anyone says. You’re funny and you have a cute butt. Embrace life. YEAH! “ -Halsey

“Yo calling me “fat” and “chubby” is not gonna create a force field around that pizza headed for my mouth. I like the way I look. Get bent.” -Halsey

These were just five ways Halsey promotes feminism, which are five ways she’s being a powerful and strong woman. We admire her, and we think she’s on the right path to make a change in this world. Do you agree with us? Share your opinion with us by tweeting us @CelebMix or by writing a comment down below.

Watch an important video by Halsey, published last year, on international women’s day:

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