The Flash Has Its Season Three Title

With season two having just finished last month, the cast of The Flash have already began script reading for season three!

In the season two finale, we saw Barry Allen bring an end to the villain of the season, Jay Garrick. He then goes back in time (again) to save his mother and this time, he succeeds. The season ends with The Flash disappearing as if he didn’t exist. This left the door open for Flashpoint, but no one was sure how the series writers would take it.

Grant Gustin has just announced that the opening episode of Season Three is in fact called Flashpoint, which means that season three will more than likely be based around that storyline.

Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book storyline in which Barry Allen (The Flash) goes back in time to save his mother. Afterwards he wakes up and discovers that everything has changed and he no longer has his Flash superpowers. While his mother is in fact now alive, his father is dead and neither The Flash or Justice League exist.

This leaves a whole new group of questions; will The Flash introduce more heroes from Justice League? How long will they continue on the storyline?

Season 3 of The Flash is set to premier on October 4th of this year.

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Written by CelebMix