Fly By Midnight Releases Somber “Just Say It” In Time for Valentine’s Day

Love might not be in the air for Fly By Midnight this Valentine’s Day.

New York-based retro-pop duo Fly By Midnight, aka Justin Bryte and Justin “Slavo” Slaven, have been working tirelessly toward mainstream success since their impressive “Brooklyn” debut in 2015.

Follow up singles such as “Vinyl”, “Vibe” and their strongest release to date, the recent “Malibu”, were equally as sharp and original. Now, the gentlemen are finally embracing the new year with their first official release of 2018, just a few short days following our recent interview.

“Just Say It” unfortunately paints a bleak outlook for the boys and any chance of finding romance this February 14. Instead of harmonizing about a blossoming relationship or a rowdy night out, Fly By Midnight are instead confronting a loved one about their infidelity and watching a flame be extinguished.

“’Just Say It’ was inspired by real relationships that Slavo and I both went through around the time we started Fly By Midnight,” Bryte says of the new single. “It’s a song about tensions rising and the journey of something feeling right to… not.”

Not only does the new single differ from previous offerings in terms of songwriting and underlying subject matter, but the duo are also experimenting with a more serious sound. Instead of the uptempo, joyous production approach, “Just Say It” incorporates moody EDM-styled beats and vocal performances highlighting a sense of hurt and vulnerability.

“Tell me that you cheated, that you fucked up, cuz I need it, we’re too quiet, let’s start screaming, I don’t love you no more, just say it,” the boys admit on the aggressive and explicit chorus, receiving much needed closure in order to mend a broken heart.

The artists deliver the somber material with the utmost conviction and sincerity, one may even feel compelled to spend Cupid’s holiday alone. Most relationships eventually lose their spark and fall apart, the boys are simply being honest and authentic.

Every release from Fly By Midnight has showcased a reinvention of sorts, a love for thinking outside the box and a desire to not be pigeon-holed to just one genre. “Just Say It” reveals another piece of the duo’s overall trajectory and gives a different taste of the “way overdue” full-length project.

“We see ‘Just Say It’ as our moment of showing versatility in our craft,” Slavo says. “Previous releases have really shed light on our uplifting and reminiscent side, but this really sets the tone for allowing us to give any feeling of music we really want to the world.”

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Written by Luis Gonzalez

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