‘For me, the song bounces between despair and hope with a determination to find compassion and love ‘, IAMEVE on her “Unnerving” new single

Years ago, when IAMEVE first came to fruition, she was going through a pretty major metamorphosis. She was doing a lot of personal and spiritual work and was receiving a lot of channeled images, sound, and lyrics – it felt like she was downloading puzzle pieces for a story that she was supposed to put together. In a way, it’s never felt “hers”, but more something she is just here to put into the world if that makes any sense.

The namesake “IAMEVE” was also one of those puzzle pieces that just came one night. It sounds very ethereal, but essentially the artist asked who was sending her the downloads and heard the name Eve. It felt super connective to her, as she was deep-diving into herself as a woman and going through so many changes.

“I’ve always felt connected to the story of Eve and how absolutely brilliant and curious she was – and how she was vilified for it – like “poor adam” and all of humanity became damned because Eve wanted to eat a fucking apple,” she tells CelebMix.

IAMEVE wrote this new song when she was pregnant and in a way she’s never seen in her lifetime, the world seemed to be growing more hostile. Climate change was accelerating and the hatred and division she was seeing in society was setting off alarm bells in her.

“It felt scary and unnerving to think of the world my beautiful little one was being born into and this song was a reflection of the emotional rollercoaster I was on,” IAMEVE explains. “For me, the song bounces between despair and hope with a determination to find compassion and love – and this is how I feel in life…”

I feel despair about all the people in the world expending so much energy on hatred and bullying and lies.


“I feel despair when someone throws trash on the ground or harms an animal or a child. And I have hope that things will change,” IAMEVE adds. “That we will do better. That my little one will have a world he can thrive in. It scares the shit out of me for my loved ones, especially because I know what I just can’t understand and my instinct is to immediately reject those whose views are so far from mine.”

However, with that said, IAMEVE also knows that as a collective people won’t get anywhere if they are unwilling to see from a differing perspective.

IAMEVE is the type of person who feels triggered by narratives that attempt to squash curiosity, as she thinks it is the greatest gift that people have as humans.

“I feel even more triggered when women are construed as a temptress archetype that no “man” can help themselves from following,” IAMEVE continues in our chat. “It just feels super ancient in the worst of ways – and is unfortunately well alive in the world today.”

In a way, a lot of her writing and storytelling around IAMEVE has been a whimsical, yet spiritually potent exploration of “Eve” – and her own experience as a woman – and the idea that all people have similar threads in our feminine collective unconscious.

2021… you mean 2020 the sequel? :) Yah… Like for most of us, it has been a super challenging time.


For this song, IAMEVE created a few variations of it before getting to this final one, but they all have the same threads of vulnerability.

“What I love about the way it turned out is the cinematic dynamics moving from chilling whispers to epic vocal builds that release all the tension building up throughout the piece,” IAMEVE explains on the initial creative process of her song. “With a lot of music, I look back and wish I had done things differently – but I think this song will be something I know was done exactly as it was meant to be.”

IAMEVE wrote this song for a live performance where she live looped her vocal overs a sparse musical bed. It was simple and gave a lot of space for her vocals to weave over one another, but she knew that the final version needed to be built into something classic and cinematic, so that’s where she went with it in the studio.

The most precious thing to ever happen to IAMEVE in life is her little human and this song – and video – is completely tethered to her greatest hopes, desires, and fears as a mother – and she believes that shows up strong and clear throughout this song.

Sometimes we need to cry it out, feel the things that give us pause, acknowledge a reality we don’t want to face – and then we need to hold it like we would a small, inconsolable child.


With this song, IAMEVE hopes listeners feel that part of them that bounces between despair and hope is held through all the uncomfortable stuff.

“I try to stay focused on the things that bring me joy – my little one and creative work – but I won’t pretend it’s been easy,” she IAMEVE continues. “I’ve got a 3-year-old and we are traveling around the world for work during a global pandemic.

In fact, it will have been over two years since seeing family for IAMEVE and she just misses being with loved ones right now – like a lot of other people On the upside, though, IAMEVE got to snuggle a wombat in Australia and she is off next to Berlin.

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