Freddie Long

Freddie Long Releases New Track ‘Known Better’

Freddie Long has released his new single Known Better ahead of his slot at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival later today (9th May) at The Tempest Inn at 3.40pm.

Taken from his upcoming EP release, stuttering guitars are matched with Freddie’s sharp, distinctive vocals. With a big sing-along chorus, there’s plenty of opportunities for crowd participation if you needed any more of a reason to catch Freddie live in Brighton today or at any of the shows that he’ll be playing across the year.

Speaking of the track, which was written with Oliver Som and Joey Cass Freddie said “It is a song about looking forward. Having stepped away from the relationship, you now have a new lease of life, wondering why you were ever involved in the first place. It’s about being thankful for your mates around you who warned you off – The track celebrates a new chapter in your life, moving forward and learning from the negative influences of the past.”

The track follows on from previous 2019 releases Hope (With Ben Hunter) and Sinner. Across the three tracks, listeners have already seen different styles and topics being covered by the Brighton based artist. From Sinner which was singing of a friendship or relationship which you just knew wasn’t good for you but you couldn’t resist going back for to Hope written about male mental health and a real-life struggle faced by a close friend. Lyrical beauty is something it’s clear Freddie specialises in and Known Better is another perfect example of this.

With his debut EP set for release in the near future and progress being made towards a Summer 2020 first full-length album release, we have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more of Freddie Long in the months to come.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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