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Music Introducing: Freddie Long

Earlier this month we introduced you to Freddie Long, having just released his new single Sinner which followed last year’s release Jean; it’s the perfect time to fall in love with his funky, emotive sound.

Freddie’s debut track Jean, was a simple yet powerful introduction to the Brighton artist who you’ll be seeing a lot of In 2019. With the ability to tell a story through his words you can bring Freddie Long’s tracks to life with your own imagination. Sinner shows off Freddie’s gravelly vocals which merging together different musical elements and is a singalong friendly track. Singing of a friendship or relationship which isn’t good for you but you keep going back to it regardless of how bad it is for you, we’ve all been there let’s be honest. With his debut EP set for release on 17th May, we had a chat with Freddie to talk all things music and to properly introduce him to CelebMix readers.

Hi Freddie, you recently released your new track Sinner. Was has the reaction from fans been like?

Hey guys. Yeah, I’ve been working on this EP for a little while now so it feels great to get the first track out. It’s always a bit weird when releasing music, you’re excited but also a little nervous, I’m sure other artists can relate. It’s been an amazing first week into release. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading messages from my fans telling me how the track relates to them or how it helped them pull through a hards time, it’s an amazing feeling. 

Lyrically Sinner sings of wanting more of someone even if you know they’re bad news, how do you come up with your inspirations for tracks?

I tend to write depending on the vibe that day, I very rarely go into a session with an idea or a concept in mind. In my notes, on my phone, I have pages of lyrics and track titles that I find by reading magazines etc. Anything that jumps out to me I make a note and then when I’m in a session I scroll through and pick which one I’m feeling. If I have a concept idea I find it a lot easier, for me this works really well. I also enjoy collaborating with writers, nothing better than having likeminded creatives in a session.

Is the funky, catchy style of Sinner the sound we can expect from your upcoming debut EP?

There’s definitely a connection in the sound throughout the EP but they all have a slight twist in character. The second track is called Known Better, more of a chilled vibe. From there the next two tracks start to build into the funkier side of my taste. Problems especially carries a heavy baseline with some flair that I hope people get down with before the chorus hits which is like a kick in the teeth. I can’t wait to play that one live!!

The final track is called Cross the Line which we’re holding back until the weather gets warmer. It’s got a heavy electric groove. It’s a feel-good jam, for sure!

Your debut single Jean which helped you develop the fanbase you have today, what’s been your musical highlight so far?

Yeah, that was a funny one as we never planned to release Jean. We had the EP ready towards the end of last year and planned to release Sinner around October/November. Things got pushed back so we decided to release Jean to see how it would sit and yeah, it’s been a mad response. I would say the general process of recording EP1 has been a huge highlight so far. I’ve wanted this for a while so to actually write, record and complete my debut EP is a special moment.

In five years’ time, what are you hoping to have achieved in regards to your music?

Wow… that’s a scary thought! No, in all honestly I would love to be in a position to write, perform and create music. I’m really excited to get out and start performing live, something we’ve not really started fully. I hope in years to come I can travel around and perform my music to my fans. 

Can you describe your sound in five words for readers who might not have heard it yet?

Infused Indie Pop with Funk 

Which artists are you loving at the moment?

I came across Gary Clark Jr a few weeks back and he’s been taking up a lot of headphone time. Check out his track Come Together, it’s naughty. Low key band from Brighton called Drusilla are also worth checking out, got some great tracks. Still into the old classic from Arctic Monkeys, Good Charlotte and Jamiroquai. I’ve got a playlist on Spotify called ‘Cold Coffee’ which I like to keep updated with music that’s currently influencing my sound. Feel free to check it out. 

What’s on the cards for 2019?

I’m excited to release more music! I’ve only released one track, Jean at the back end of last year so really excited to get more out. We’ve got the EP on its way which I can’t wait to share. I plan to be back in the studio writing for EP 2 and be out and about more playing shows. Really excited to play the Communion show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 3rd of March. Huge love to the guys at Communion and Maz for giving Jean it’s first radio play on Radio X.

Freddie is play Communion’s monthly live music night this Sunday (3rd March) at Notting Hill Arts Club, for tickets and the full line-up head here.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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