From Tanzania to Hollywood – Making Most Out of The Life in Showbiz

“I got a lot of great life lessons from the entertainment industry. The first was being able to feel comfortable taking risks.” –  Jesse Itzler

Life in showbiz is full of twists and turns, often resulting in disappointments as one navigates through the intricacies of this journey. But it is important to remember that the journey toward success is just as important as the goal itself. There are examples in the entertainment industry of people who had nothing when they started but found ways to become the best in the business after starting from scratch.  

This generation relies too much on social presence and making a name for themselves on the big stage, making the current entertainment sector hard to crack. There now exists a tough competition for someone trying to get noticed among a large crowd; for them, every step is harder than the previous one. So, it makes one wonder, is it worth the hassle? That’s what Timoth Conrad Kachumia, the Tanzania-born director believes.

Timoth stepped into the entertainment industry as an actor in 2007 but then chose to work as an editor and camera operator. As a young chap finding his way in this evergreen industry, he specialized in special effects and graphics. This was the first step for Timoth on the road to achieving greatness in something he loved doing. 

Most entertainers consider their passion a core element to crack into a saturated industry like the entertainment sector. But the idea here is to identify exactly which aspect of the industry they can master. For instance, one can be an artist performing in front of a large audience or work behind-the-scenes and still learn the art of crafting a raw script into a brilliant masterpiece that helps them rise to fame. All in all, it’s all about following dreams, figuring out what ignites a spark inside them that would take them on a journey to success instead of merely following the path that others created. For Timoth, it was his decision not to pursue acting but to take a role as a camera operator. It helped him discover his skills and capabilities as a director and producer.

Timoth also prides himself on being extremely creative in his art. The movies he produced before reaching great heights of success, such as Mdundiko, won the “Best Narrative Feature Film” award at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2013 in the United States. Further, Dogo Masai won the “Special Mention Narrative Feature” at the Silicon African Film Festival 2014. This kick-started his journey as a successful director and producer in the entertainment sector. He is also the founder and Festival Director of the Scene Festival and Ticfy Festival. He is also the founder and owner of Ticfy Prime, a renowned streaming service that offers a wide array of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

When asked about his success in his work, he disclosed that engaging in creative projects helped him drift on the right path. For those walking the same path, it is essential to understand that every experience matters in building a strong portfolio. Timoth suggests that one does not necessarily have to make a documentary or a short film to have a strong portfolio. One can take a page from Timoth’s book of success of how he used creativity to drive his career forward.

Timoth’s masterpiece, “Nothing Else,” also showcases his mastery of the creative arts. The storyline revolves around two strangers stuck in a room and a time loop, with no recollection of how they ended up there. The storyline is not only simple to focus on but also allows the viewers to stay engaged and hooked on the screen throughout the movie’s duration. The storyline starts rather primitively with this movie, but he transformed the script into a masterpiece with top-notch creativity to baffle the audience.

This is one of the reasons why one should focus on working on projects by knowing their strengths and building on these strong points to deliver the perfect product. He believes that a professional must work in ways to speak highly of themselves and the work they accomplished. This is only possible by working with projects that they are familiar with and a not giving up attitude.

The entertainment industry, barring any difficulties, is a fun career to be a part of, but the competition can bring even the best of them down. However, after passing through the initial stages of the struggle, ignoring the naysayers, and using capabilities to a full extent, can just be the starting point needed. 

Written by Peter Jones