Front Row at 5SOS

Sounds Live Feels Live 411:

Typical show schedule:
7:15pm-7:40pm: Hey Violet (7 songs)
7:55pm-8:20pm: One Ok Rock (6 songs)
8:40pm-10:30pm: 5 Seconds of Summer (20 songs)

The average setlists:

Hey Violet:
1. Make Up
2. Brand New Moves
3. Guys My Age
4. Don’t Let Me Down (cover)
5. I Can Feel It
6. Fuckboi
7. All We Ever Wanted

One Ok Rock:
1. The Way Back
2. Cry Out
3. Decision
4. Suddenly
5. New Song
6. Mighty Long Fall

1. Carry On
2. Hey Everybody!
3. Money
4. Voodoo Doll
5. Don’t Stop
6. Disconnected
7. Long Way Home
8. Outer Space
9. Waste the Night
10. Vapor
11. Castaway
12. Amnesia
13. Jet Black Heart
14. End Up Here
15. Good Girls
16. Permanent Vacation
17. Girls Talk Boys
18. What I Like About You

19. She’s Kinda Hot
20. She Looks So Perfect

The Front Row Experience:
We’re very big here on show, don’t tell.
Front Row at 5SOS 1

Front Row at 5SOS 2

Front Row at 5SOS 3

Front Row at 5SOS 4

We saw the pupils in Michael Clifford’s eyes. We were able to count the number of stripes on Luke Hemmings shirt. It was magical.

Once we arrived to the venue and made our way down to our seats, we realized we were sitting with a semi obstructed view from the camera man. Luckily for us, he was fantastically kind and chatty and ended up letting us stand right next him giving us the best view in the house. Cue us freaking out! We were then taped on the shoulder by a security guard saying “I’m sorry but the band has informed us that they don’t want cameras up front.” Huh? We kindly did as we were told and put our camera away and stood there confused. Was this a benefit of front row? Girls surrounding us threw fits. “Why did I buy front row then?!” one moaned. A few minutes later after one gal asked for a supervisor, we were then further informed that we can use our phones, but not an actual camera. Confusing much? By that time, the opening acts were done and we were ready for our favorite four Aussies.

Standing next to the camera man has the best results EVER. 5 Seconds of Summer, are total hams for the camera which allowed us to see those antics at a stupid close distance. We danced, we laughed, we sang our little hearts out and we truly had one of the best nights of our lives!

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Written by CelebMix