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CelebMix Exclusive: BGT’s Gabz on school, music and more!

CelebMix sits down for a chat with Britain’s Got Talent star Gabz! Read on to hear what she has to say on new music, her education and who inspires her music…

What have you been up to since releasing your last single?

Lots! I have been performing at events all over the country, recording new songs and revising for and taking my GCSEs – it’s been non stop!

What are your plans for music? More singles, an album? 

I have already recorded quite a few songs and I plan to finish recording more songs in the summer holidays and will have enough for an album. I can’t wait for everybody to hear them but I don’t know when I will be releasing more music yet because it all has to fit around my education. When I perform at events I try to sing at least one unreleased song so people can hear more of my own original music.

How do you manage to balance school life with music?

It’s quite difficult at the moment especially with my GCSEs but I know it won’t be too long before I can concentrate just on my music – I can’t wait!

How has your life changed since BGT?

Before BGT I never performed anywhere and now I do and that along with being recognised quite a lot is the major change.

What advice would you give to anyone your age wanting to get into music? 

Try to write your own songs, be patient and be prepared to work very hard!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Jessie J, Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift

You’ve had four singles so far… which was your favourite and why?

Easy, ‘Lighters’ because it was the most successful having got to number 6 in the charts and I love everybody joining in when I play live – it’s a great feeling!

Can fans ever expect to see you on tour?

I have and will continue to perform all over the country but touring is a bit of a problem due to school. There aren’t any current plans to do my own tour but I imagine it will all depend on when I get to release new music.

Finally, sum up your career in five words!

You haven’t seen anything yet!

Written by Jack