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Gaia Cauchi premieres new song ‘Why Should I’ on CelebMix

Today, October 2, Gaia Cauchi is releasing her debut single ‘Why Should I’, and the 16-year-old singer is premiering it right here on CelebMix.

The new track is a neon-soaked pop tune, pumping with club-leaning energy and a catchy chorus. ‘Why Should I’ is definitely getting added to our playlist right away!

“‘Why Should I’, talks about a person which is kind of hurt because the other person isn’t giving their all in the relationship. Even though a person is hurt and says that they “won’t care” anymore because the other person doesn’t, they might still be in love with the other person but since they’re not getting the same amount of love in return, then they might feel a bit silly to even say that they still really care deep down inside,” Cauchi previously stated in a press release.

“I was going through a breakup and this song was inspired by it, I felt like I needed to write down everything that I was feeling cause there were so many emotions questions that I felt like I needed an answer to but I couldn’t really get one from anyone except him.”

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