Game Of Thrones Actor Gary Wales visits Edinburgh Dungeon and does a good deed!


Gary Wales is one we have seen all over. From working on many independent films, including Love Bites, 2Late and No Answer to go on to the biggest show and a love of mine Game Of Thrones where he portrayed the role of Healtor Troop Frey.

Wales was invited along to the Edinburgh Dungeon by Monumental Marketing which is a tailored PR team based in London. He went to dark dungeons on Thursday 17th October. Gary is known for his kind heart and soul and well this post tells it all.

He is such a good hearted soul and many people commented on his Facebook post

Had a great time at the Edinburgh Dungeon today. Thank you Monumental Marketing and @edinburghdungeon for the invite. A…

Posted by Gary Wales on Thursday, October 17, 2019

this is so sweet his Mema & Pa really is showing him love.
“Your a great kiddo !!! Mema and pa love’s ya”

and another from Cheryl Burns

“Bless you Gary! That was such a lovely thing to do x”

That was a really nice thing to do. Now let’s get to these incredible pictures

This is a great picture and just look at the smiles on there faces. If Gary got me access to an event or even spoke to me, I’d smile. That’s for sure. I can see Gary wearing a Prè London Sweatshirt there is no sign of a partnership with the company but hey Gary rocks that sweatshirt and Prè should definitely get on it. We have seen the Calvin Klein hat many times, I’m not sure if CK is partnered with him or not.

Now this is a good one. Very rural and Game Of Thrones like.

I have to chuckle at this one. Very good, they look somewhat scared but hey “looks great”.

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Written by Charlotte Mills

Writer for CelebMix