Gemma Styles launches her new mental health campaign #FindTheLight

Influencer and sunglasses designer Gemma Styles has launched a new campaign #FindtheLight in order to get people opening up about mental health.

Gemma has teamed up with Kenmark Eyewear, the brand who help her produce her sunglasses collection and MQ Mental Health Research to launch #FindTheLight.

#FindTheLight is a social campaign which aims to open up the conversation surrounding mental health.

According to a recent study, 43.6 million US adults suffer from mental illness, while suicide is the largest killer of young people in the UK.

With the campaign Gemma wants people to share what #FindTheLight means to them.

 “To me Find the Light means actively trying to notice those little happy things that happen throughout your day,” Gemma states. “I think if you have experience with mental health conditions then you know it tends to be the small things rather than big things that get you through the day.”

You can share what it means to you by using the # in either a video, photo or caption on social media. Three winners will be chosen to win the special edition of Don’t Stop sunglasses in Caramel from Gemma’s latest collection.

Or you can also support the campaign by purchasing a pair of the special edition Don’t Stop Frames in Caramel, as 10% of proceeds from the sale of them will be donated to MQ Mental Health Research who want to “ create a world where mental illnesses are understood, effectively treated and one day made preventable.”

Her second collection with Kenmark Eyewear is not only raising awareness and getting people to open up about mental health, it’s also helping the environment.

To make the collection Gemma and the team at Kenmark worked with a factory that is very energy conscious and who get 80% of the energy they use from solar panels, they also ordered in small quantities to reduce waste material and are using shipping materials which can be recycled. The cases are flat bottomed so they can be used again as Jewelry boxes. The travel boxes you can purchase from the site too are super cool as they are made from recycled plastic bottles and can hold up to 4 pair of sunglasses.

You can see Gemma’s entire range of sunglasses here. You can also find out more about MQ Mental Health Research here.

Written by Kelly McFarland

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