Gemma Styles Teams up with Girl Power Gang

Gemma Styles has a powerful online presence with many people admiring her openness, honesty, and positivity as she blogs her way though young adulthood.  Her latest endeavor seems to be one of the most interesting and powerful to date as she teams up with a group of young women who want to help, empower, and stand beside other young women.

The hashtag is #GRLPWRGANG and their message is simple – “girls helping girls”. In a world where bullying is easier than ever, especially on the internet, and young women still feel the need to meet incredibly high – sometimes impossible – standards; the message of females empowering each other instead of breaking each other down or tearing one another apart is a beautiful and very necessary one.

Their Instagram profile has some awesome shots of the behind the scenes look into Girl Power Gang before introducing it’s members one by one – the question that lets you in a bit on who each of them are is an important one.

“What would you of now tell yourself ten years ago?”

Gemma’s answer is perfect.

“I had a rigid plan in my head for how the next few years were supposed to go and I got really stressed when things changed – for example switching unis after a year and a half. I thought I’d failed because I didn’t see through my original path. It’s taken a lot of plan changes since then but my advice would be… be brave. If you’re not happy then you can change things. It might be scary but don’t be afraid to ask for help – most people have felt the same way.”

Gemma Styles Teams up with Girl Power Gang 1

Being able to admit that your life took a path different from the one you expected is hard, but important, especially on the path to self discovery.  So many people have a picture perfect plan of their futures and they’re so busy trying to achieve it that they not only miss the now, but they feel as if the world is crashing down around them if something goes a bit astray.

Gemma not only tells other young women that she’s experienced those feelings – she made it through and has created a really awesome life for herself, even though it wasn’t step by step the way she excepted it to happen.  She says two important words during her answer that every young person, both man and woman, should hear.

Be brave.

 To be brave is to admit that you’re worthy of the strength inside of you, and more people should know that their struggle and their success are worthy of bravery; it seems like this is part of what Girl Power Gang’s message is.

The entire project is still in the works and we’re finding out more information by the day but it’s definitely something we want to know more about, and hope to be inspired by as time goes on.  Especially with such lovely people behind it, did we mention Lou Teasdale was in the photos on their Instagram too?  This is sure to be a girl gang you want to be part of.

To follow them on Instagram click here, you can also follow Gemma here and see how she plans to keep involved.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.