George Shelley speaks out over Union J split

Former Union J member George Shelley has released a public statement about his split from the group.

Earlier this morning pop music fans were left in shock as former X Factor group Union J announced that they had “kicked out” George Shelley.

After the shock of the four piece group returning to a three piece, the band have now released their own statement saying that they had not kicked out George and the decision for him to leave was a mutual one.

The band now known as Union J had originally auditioned on the X Factor as a three piece made up of, Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett and Josh Cuthbert, and were called Triple J, but after George Shelley failed to make the cut as a solo act he was put into the band and Union J were born.

They went on to achieve two successful albums and a sold out arena tour, and were rumoured to be going back into the studio soon, but after George’s stint on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, the handsome singer has seen his popularity soar and has been given various opportunities away from the group.

The former band member has secured a presenting job on Capital FM and has been involved with E!, BBC and is also actively pursuing an acting career.

Since the news broke that he was “booted out” of the band, the 22-year-old has been quick to set the record straight by posting a heartfelt message to his fans on Twitter.

The statement read: ” I was shocked and bemused to wake up this morning to reports that I had been “kicked out” of Union J. The decision for Union J to continue on without me was entirely mutual between me and the boys, and an official press release detailing the facts was due to be released this morning! I have had an incredible journey with the band, and will always be grateful for the experience, but to imply that my “diva behaviour” and “lack of commitment” led to the end of my journey with Union J is both hurtful and untrue. The reality is that I have decided to focus on my broadcasting and acting career and am excited for what the future holds. I will also still be writing and performing music. Despite the boys decision to announce the future of the band in this way, I still wish them the very best. To everyone who has supported me so far, and most importantly the fans I love you to the moon and back.” 

Despite George Shelley leaving the group, Union J will continue and are set to replace George with a new member soon, and are also working on their first album without Shelley, which is due for release this year.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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