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Holiday season is here. It’s going to be snowing outside across most of the US, limiting all of us into our homes for most of the time. With days to short and nights being long enough, it’s a great time to play catch up with all those TV shows and movies that have been lurking around in your wish list since long.

Streaming is fun and easy if you are in the US. Everything is easily accessible, and the streaming speeds are always great in the US. There are great services in the US which Americans love, but outside the US, they don’t work at all. This is because of geo-restrictions and regional censorship which is put in place by content distributors and regional broadcast authorities.

A few examples of services which are geo-restricted, include Netflix. Even though Netflix is easily accessible in most countries, the content that you see on Netflix is limited based on your location. For instance, great TV shows such as Homeland and Scandal, are accessible on Netflix only if you are in the US. Outside US, you will not be able to access these shows, until you use a good VPN for Netflix.

Unlike Netflix’s partial regional restrictions, there are a many services which are completely blocked outside the US. For instance, popular video streaming services such as Hulu and Sky Go are only available in US and UK respectively. Then there are great music streaming services such as Spotify, which is also only available in only a dozen regions including the US, UK, and Canada.

Most of us want to snuggle away the holiday season in blankets, lying all day around the fireplace and binge watching our favorite TV shows and movies. But it’s a major turn off when you can’t access your favorite TV show or movies, just because you are located in a region that hates user’s online freedom and censors content for no valid reason.

However, we don’t want you to waste your holiday season, fidgeting with your streaming devices to tweak the settings right and access content – that is just not possible. What you need is a VPN, and boy we have a great VPN to suggest you!

PureVPN is the best streaming VPN you can get your hands on. Unlike most VPN providers PureVPN is optimized for your streaming needs. This means that when you connect to PureVPN, you connection speed won’t drop at all. In fact, due to more than 2000 servers placed across the globe, PureVPN manages to provide a remarkable streaming experience to each user every time.

How PureVPN makes it possible for streamers to get access to what they want, any time, without compromising on their data privacy, device security, or download speeds, is a story that’s a technological feat in itself. PureVPN makes use of highly sophisticated technology and has implemented features such as split tunneling. It is an AI based system that sends half of your data over public network. The other half of your data, which is sensitive and contains your personal information is sent over an encrypted network. This methodology of using split tunneling speeds up the process a great deal.

PureVPN is offering its life time subscription at the lowest possible rates ever this Cyber Monday. This is the best Cyber Monday VPN deal, ever offered by any VPN provider, giving its users an amazing 88% off on the lifetime subscription, allowing them to save as much as $578. That much saving cannot be taken lightly at all. The new price with the Cyber Monday discount is a mere $79, which is a one-time payment only.

This year, we want you to get your lifetime subscription from PureVPN and install it on any of the device you own. Yes, PureVPN has a dedicated app for every popular platform and OS, which makes it such a life saver when you want to stream anything online.

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