Get To Know: The Tide

You may or may not have heard of them already, but there is a new band on the run! They like to call themselves The Tide and if you ask me: they could be big.

At the end of February this year they were introduced into the world as a new band signed to the Vamps/EMI Label. On that moment their first cover was also published, being ‘She Looks So Perfect’ by 5 Seconds of Summer. The video became a success and today they’ve built up a pretty strong fan base.

In their twitter bio they describe themselves as a guitar band from California, signed to the new Vamps/EMI/Universal label. The band consists of Austin Corini (lead singer and guitarist), Drew Dirksen (guitarist and singer), Levi Jones (bassist and singer) and Nate Parker (drummer). Even though they are a Californian band, they each come from different parts of the USA.

They haven’t been quite taking it slow these past 5 months. Together with The Vamps and Union J they have toured the UK and several European countries and right now they’re on a USA and Canada tour as support act for The Vamps. When they weren’t on stage, they were busy recording in the studio, I can’t wait to hear what they’ve been working on!

So far they’ve published seven covers from popular artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, Shawn Mendes and more. At the beginning of the month May they published their first original song ‘Falling In Love Tonight’ to their youtube channel ‘Tide Official’. I highly recommend you listen to it some time. I’ve added the video to this article.

Was I able to make you curious about the band? Then you should definitely check out their social media. You can find them on facebook as ‘The Tide’, their twitters are @TheTide, @TheTideAustin, @TheTideDrew, @TheTideLevi and @TheTideNate and same counts for their instagrams. You definitely won’t regret checking them out. ( I fell in love when I did on that February day)



Written by CelebMix