Gigi Hadid In Photoshop Drama

She’s become one of the world’s most famous models over the past year, especially due to her friendship with Kendall Jenner and relationships with Cody Simpson, Joe Jonas and most recently Zayn Malik, but now Gigi Hadid faces backlash and outcry over photoshop.

It’s no secret that photoshop is used in the industry but fans of Gigi have noticed that she keeps getting the moles and freckles on her stomach digitally removed and they’re not best pleased about it.

She recently posed for Vogue China and posted a picture of the cover on Instagram and her fans were quick to comment on her missing features.

One said “Your moles are flawless! Should be on this pic”
Another said “Put back your beauty kisses”

It’s been said the reason Vogue China photoshopped her moles off is because the Chinese market values relish free, fair skin very highly. But even if that’s true fans still aren’t amused with one tweeting “seriously? They’re gonna photoshop Gigi Hadid’s moles off her stomach?? really???? THIS IS WHY GIRLS ARE SO INSECURE ABOUT EVERY LITTLE DETAIL”

Many of her fans love her moles because they feel it makes her unique and has encouraged them to accept their own insecurities.

This isn’t the first time she’s been involved in something like this. She often gets her moles and freckles removed from her stomach, and her chest when that’s on show, when posing for a shoot.

Other shoots that have removed the 20-year-olds moles and freckles include Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret.

What do you think of Gigi’s disappearing moles? Do you like them or are you glad they get removed by certain brands? What do you make of photoshopping in general?

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Written by CelebMix