The Girl and the Dreamcatcher releases Negatives EP

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher have released a 6-track EP and it is FIRE! Their Negatives EP has been in the works for two years now, and with the help of their fans, they managed to get it trending worldwide.

Starting up hashtags such as #BuyNegativesAtMidnight, #BuyNegativesOniTunes as well as #NegativesEP, has soared the sales of their debut EP. They are storming the iTunes charts globally, which is incredible since they are an unsigned duo.

For the past few days, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher have been releasing each track on YouTube in promotion for the EP. “Make You Stay” and “Glowing In The Dark” were previously released as singles.

Make You Stay

The most recently released single and totally the most sweetest song on the EP. “Make You Stay” definitely appeals to their early fans who have been watching “Liv and Maddie”. The song may be full of sugar, but lyrically it’s emotional and heartfelt, which the video translates magically into a narrative story line.

Glowing In The Dark

Definitely our favourite. This track is hauntingly similar to “I Know What You Did Last Summer” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. The music video is dark with a great visual concept and performance piece which relates well with the song. This is the song to have on repeat.


One of Dove Cameron’s favourite tracks, as we learnt during a Dove Cameron follow spree. This song is full of beats and bass, pounding the sound into your brain so you don’t forget the song. Very rhythmical, almost trippy in a good way. It will definitely sound amazing live.

My Way

A bit of self-empowerment from this track, which follows perfectly after “Gladiator”, with its rhythm and beats. Trippy once again, but in a good way, the song is completely catchy and builds up courage for their younger fans. Don’t let anyone stop you from being you. Do it your way and be yourself.

Cry Wolf

More upbeat, this stunning track stands out on the EP. Adding bass and harmonies together makes this track fire. With strong lyrics, a pop-dance beat and combined vocal talents, this song deserves to be their next single.


A ballad to finish off this EP. Calmer and slower the song is highly emotional. The Girl and the Dreamcatcher’s vocals are unbelievably on point. Totally brave, totally strong and totally exposed. The Girl and the Dreamcatcher proves to the world that they have the vocal ability to defy logic. Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan’s voices are technically beautiful in this track which serves as a perfect outro to this EP.

Overall we don’t quite understand why you are still reading this article, you should be out purchasing or streaming this EP. These two are not your average run-of-the-mill Disney stars and this EP just proves it.

What’s your favourite track from Negatives EP? Tweet us @CelebMix, and don’t forget to use #BuyNegativesOniTunes as well as #NegativesEP, since the duo are following people who are using the hashtags.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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