GIRLI Releases New Track ‘Young’ Ahead Of UK Tour

The ever-effervescent GIRLI has released her latest single ‘Young’ before she embarks on her next UK tour at the end of October. 

“I wanna run, but don’t know where to run to”, “I am in love but don’t know if it’s with you” and “They never told us how much it hurts to be young” are some highlights in the explosion of youth in ‘Young’. It’s an unearthed sound for GIRLI but boasts such a confidence in its heavy hook and genuinely poignant lyrics which the computer game-esque chorus spins off with a wink.

‘Young’ follows the release of ‘Day Month Second’ earlier this summer which nears 250,000 streams on Spotify. ‘Day Month Second’ is an explosive pop record, celebrating the birth of ‘Girli 2.0’ as the 20-year-old coined to The Courier, and has seen the young pop star make some huge leaps forward in the industry, recently being played on Elton John’s Beats 1 show.

For GIRLI fans who have been around a few year, ‘Young’ is almost the hungover sister to the brash youthfulness in 2016’s ‘Too Much Fun’, but with a sound that is so fresh. It’s the trademark middle-finger up outspoken GIRLI attitude that fans love and appreciate, combined with the progressive pop formula that the ‘Mr 10pm Bedtime’ singer is constantly pushing into new shapes.

Despite only finishing her last headline UK tour over Easter, GIRLI is heading back out onto the road in October. Starting in Edinburgh on the 20th October, the tour sees a show at London’s prestigious LGBT venue Heaven, before finishing at Southampton’s The Loft.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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