We spoke with Shawn Mendes’ fans to find out why they love him so much

Nearly everyone knows Shawn Mendes after the release of ‘Stitches’ last year and if not, at least for ‘Treat You Better’. The young artist is only 18 years old, yet he seems to have a very clear view of how a connection between artist and fan should be. Furthermore he often tweets about his appreciation for all his fans spread across the globe:

Just be real with people! True from the start and you’ll always be sure its a real relationship. Its easier said than done but its worth it! Since the beginning I’ve been real with you guys and I’ll never change that, the good AND the bad you guys will always know.

That is exactly what Shawn stands for: Being honest with his fans and showing the true Shawn. This might be the reason why Shawn’s Mendes Army is one of the most loving, supportive and calm fandoms to be found. They’re amazing and they’re represented all over the world.


CelebMix took the time to speak to some Shawn Mendes fans from around the world, and this is what they had to say.

Selina | 16 | Germany – “So the first time I found out about Shawn was when he released ‘Life Of The Party’. I saw the lyrics video on tv and I instantly fell in love with him. His voice gave me such a good feeling so I researched him and from that day I never left his side! He is so special and he treats everyone so well. He is such a lovely person, he does everything for the Mendes Army.”

“This kid is only 18 years old, yet he has already achieved so much. He always shows his love for his fans. Shawn gives his all at every concert. He kills every note! I love about him that he is always himself, so he wouldn’t change for anything or anyone. He writes songs about what he thinks, I think that’s why all of his songs are unique and special. His songs are so powerful, with a lot of meaning. If you read this Shawn: I love you and please keep on doing that what you love and always be you!”

Lilly | 13 | Kentucky – “Shawn is talented and he is very passionate about what he does. He always gives 110% and he cares for all of his fans. For example he goes out of his way to make us happy and that’s truly amazing. Also he is always humble and over all the best person that someone could look up to. I love him to the moon and back.”

Vera | 14 | Hungary – “It’s hard to put into words how much I love him. He changed my life, I’m not just saying this, it’s the truth. He is a fantastic musician, you can’t deny his talent. Words can’t describe how talented he is. His voice is so special, I’ve fallen in love with it. One of the best things about him is that he puts so much passion into his career: his songwriting, his performances are phenomenal. He sings with so much energy and passion, and he never stops working. He deserves all he’s achieved, I can’t say it enough, just look at his evolution!”

“From little covers to selling out MSG. I’m so proud of him. Shawn is inspiring, and he taught us that hard work pays off and to never give up. The world would be really empty if he wouldn’t be here to share his talent with us. He’s out of this world, his talent and passion always leave me in awe. I really look up to him, I’m proud to say that he is my role model.”

“I haven’t even talked about his personality yet. How many smiles and how much laughter should I thank him for? He is so funny and dorky, I love how he stayed a goofy guy and he’s not giddy with success. I love his attitude of mind. I love how he makes me feel, he leaves me in awe, he takes away my breath, he makes me laugh really hard, he makes me smile like an idiot, and he can also make me cry – and the tears are from proudness and gratitude. Gratitude, because he has helped me so much.”

“His music always makes me happy and makes me feel safe. I’m gratefuI because he’s a wonderful person who truly lights up my world. He makes me happy all the time, I can’t be grateful enough for him. This boy has changed so many people’s lives, makes so many people smile and inspires millions. This guy is a miracle. Perfectly imperfect.”

“I love all about him, he gives me butterflies, he completes my life, it would be so empty without him. This boy is passionate, talented, humble, caring, honest, special, goofy, funny, he is a dork. He isn’t afraid to be himself, he is a gift and an amazing role model for everyone. Despite his fame he reminds me that he is one of us, he is a human too. He connects with us very well, I really love that about him. I love that he stays down to earth, he appreciates his fans, and he is a hard worker. I respect Shawn so much.”

“If anyone asks what are the reasons why I love Shawn Mendes, I need to say that I love all of him. I can’t imagine life without him and his music, and he deserves all the support he gets because he brings so much happiness and emotions into my life. He has made me a better person even if that’s a cliché, it’s the truth. He deserves success, he is so precious as a human and as a musician too.”

“The world needs more people like him. But there will never be anyone like him, he is a legend, and the MSG show was just the beginning. Because of him I feel more confident and happy, he makes me feel safe, he’s always there for me. I will be always here for Shawn too, for the boy who saves me everyday.”

Faith | 13 | New York – “I love Shawn Mendes because he has an amazing voice. I discovered Shawn on Vine when he posted his “As Long As You Love Me” cover by Justin Bieber. I have loved Shawn since day one and I never stopped loving him. He has grown so much as an artist and person. Shawn is humble and sweet. He appreciates his fans so much: He works hard to make sure every concert is amazing so he doesn’t disappoint anyone. Everytime he releases a song he hopes we love it. Shawn gives his all to make his fans happy.”

Thea | 17 | Sweden – “I love Shawn because he inspires me to carry on. I fell in love with him as soon as I heard his voice. I can’t explain it, but he’s helped me through so much. Shawn has shaped me to be a better person. No one will ever get the love I have for him. He is so down to earth, he is nice, he loves his fans more than anything and he always works so hard. He puts us, his fans, before anything else and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love Shawn and that will never change.”

Ariana | 15 | Rhode Island – “It did not take me long to fall for the amazing, talented and gorgeous man also known as Shawn Peter Raul Mendes. I found out about Shawn on Vine on 14th September 2013, he sang ‘Radioactive’ to Jessi Smiles. Best day of my life. I don’t know, I just instantly fell for him. So I’ve been here for 4 years! Shawn is someone I definitely look up to as a role model. He’s an influential teen. This boy works so hard to put his fans first, he takes advice from us, he listens to us. He cares about us.”

“We as a Mendes army work really hard to get his new songs to number one or get something important trending number one immediately! No matter if you have been here for four years or four days the Mendes army sticks together and we work really hard here! So if you are new here get ready to work just as hard as Shawn does.”

“I’ve been here since the beginning and I continue to love and support shawn everyday for as long as I shall! Shawn works so hard on his music and on how he promotes himself. His music is not only entertaining and amazing, it’s encouraging for young teens going through a hard time in life or trying to fit in as a teen. He constantly tells us how it’s ok and we can get through whatever it is we’re going through and that its normal to feel out of place.”

“Shawn’s voice is an incredible thing to listen to. Also live in concert he is amazing! I mean why wouldn’t he be. His world tour sold out in minutes. If you were able to attend his tour like I was, you will know that he did a phenomenal job as always. But at the end of the day Shawn Mendes is a hard-working artist that will forever put 110% into his career, and for that he is loved by millions.”

Lisa | 16 | Germany – “When I discovered Shawn, I immediately fell in love with his unique voice. He’s incredibly talented and sings with so much passion. I watched every single video I could find and started becoming a huge fan of him, because Shawn is the most genuine and caring person I’ve ever seen. He truly loves his fans and is so grateful for being able to do what he loves. Also, Shawn always sings live and whenever you watch his performances you can really feel how he puts all of his emotions into his songs. I admire Shawn and his laugh and humor make me happy. His songs are filled with so much strength and helped me in many situations. Thanks to him, I’m now part of an amazing fandom with so many kind people.”

Marilou | 16 | New Hampshire – “I’ve been supporting Shawn since 2013.Throughout the years, he’s never stopped working and caring for his fans. He’s the most hard working, talented, sweet, caring, outgoing, down to earth and the most humble celebrity and human being you’ll ever come across. He’s earned so much recognition, support, success and awards.”

“It’s extremely difficult to choose only one reason as to why I support and love this boy more than absolutely anything. So for those who haven’t joined this fandom yet, I’m telling you, the Mendes Army sure is a fantastic fandom to be in. We have an idol who loves us so darn much. Not only his music but him as a person, helps those going through hard times or those who don’t believe in themselves get back up and to keep persevering. He teaches us that things will get better and to never give up on any dream or goal you have.”

“We have an idol who does nothing but constantly work and making sure everything is perfect for us. We’re supporting an already upcoming and future legend who’s dominating the charts, recognition & radio stations. We have the most humble and down to earth idol anyone could ever ask for. He constantly tells us how much he loves and is so grateful for us and our support. Honestly, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is incredible. I have and will always be supporting him. I’m so grateful for absolutely everything he does not only for me but for all of us. I love him more than anything.”

Mariana | 15 | Portugal – “Shawn Mendes.The name that makes me smile. I haven’t been a fan from the beginning but I love him with all my heart. Why? Because he has a heart of gold and he loves his fans. I fell in love with his voice instantly and with the way he is. Every time I’m sad or angry I know that if I hear his music or just his voice, I smile and feel complete. He helped me when I lost a friend that was very important to me. I’m thankful for that. Since I became a fan of him I don’t give a damn what people think about me anymore and I’ve got more confidence. He taught me. That’s why I love Shawn Mendes. I really hope that one day I will have the opportunity to meet the guy that makes me feel complete.”

Jennifer | 18 | North Carolina – “I don’t think there is an amount of words that can show why I love Shawn Mendes. There’s something so special about him. I’ve been supporting him ever since his first vine, his YouTube videos and he has always made fans feel so loved and special. At the time I found out about him I was and still am dealing with mental health issues but his music speaks to me.”

“Every time I feel down or even just want to jam out I turn up his music and my day automatically gets better. Life’s a struggle but his lyrics, his vocal strength, and him as a person in general are what have helped me stay strong for so many years and I am very thankful for that. So when asked why I love Shawn so much I say he gave me hope, a reason to smile and most importantly a reason to live another day.”

Erin | 17 | Florida – “I became a fan of Shawn Mendes during the summer of 2014. I can’t really remember how I got into him, but I started listening to his covers on Soundcloud and his recently released EP “Life of the Party”. I was hooked so I started following him on social media and loved how down-to-earth and charming he was.”

“Fast forward two years, and I’m still just as big of a fan now as I was then. What I really like about Shawn is how passionate he is about music. He puts so much time and effort into creating songs and performing them. I have seen him live twice (Taylor Swift’s “1989” tour and Jingle Ball 2015) and Shawn just has so much energy and excitement whenever he performs. His dedication to his work and his fans is admirable. I haven’t had the chance to meet him, but I’m hoping that’s something that will happen soon. I wish him the best of luck with the release of “Illuminate” and that we’ll get to meet soon.”

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Written by CelebMix