Glassio’s “See You Shine” is a Dreamy Unveiling Sure to Delight

It’s only fitting that electronic meets dream-pop artist Glassio’s new album be titled See You Shine,  a luminous offering that gleams through and through. Glassio dropped this stunning 17-song body of work on May 18th. The album is a captivating narration depicting a young adult leaving a small town that rejects him based on his ideals. The album is also an ode to his late father. The release combines his love for French and British electro paired with a rich singer-songwriter quality.

Commencing with “Queen Of The Silver City”, the song is the perfect opener showcasing a sound that truly shimmers. The striking rhythms and bold bass create a magical sensation that warms you up inside. “Safe Way Out” is dripping with pure infection and this glittering tune is a true gift to all that listen. Everyone longs to feel safe and he provides that solace with this calming and cozy piece. “Magazines” kicks things up a notch with colorful spacey soundscapes and bubbly vocals. The track transmits positivity with its danceable beat and message of self-love. Finishing with “Feel It In The Water”, this particular song ends the album on a high with a wistful, passionate tone soaring over sharp synths. That combination is indescribable.

Brooklyn artist Sam R is the brainchild behind Glassio. Outside of the project, he has co-written and produced songs with Clubhouse, NAKAYA and Madelyn Darling to name a few. Glassio’s sophomore album See You Shine exudes the same dream-like whimsy that his music fans have come to know and love. This album will definitely leave you with a feeling of amazement and awe.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast