Global Records Release Inna & The Kidz “Kids In Town” After Vocea României Junior #echipaINNA

Now that Vocea României Junior has finished, and crowned Maia Malancus as the winner, you would think that was it; yet, Inna has proven why she’s the best coach in the world. She has teamed up with her record label and created The Kidz from her team #echipaINNA, they released a music video for “Kids In Town”.

All nine contestants of Team Inna, or #echipaINNA, all make up The Kidz for this song. The video also stars Inna and label-mate Lori Ciobotaru – who is also a part of G Girls alongside Inna.


Her team on Vocea României Junior consisted of Sonja Apostol, Stefan Badea, Andrei Ciurez, Voicu Dumitras, Eva Margina, Astrid Muthu, Alexia Niculae, George Rotaru, and Andreea Salavastru; all of whom appear in this music video and all of which have their own part in the song. Andrei Ciurez was the one contestant on Team Inna that made it all the way to the final.

The music video was released on the Global Records official YouTube Channel. It was directed by Inna & Khaled Mokhtar, with the latter acting as the Director of Photography as well.

Watch #echipaINNA The Kidz Music Video For “Kids In Town” Here:

It’s clear that everyone involved in this music video had a great time on set. There’s so much fun going on, we wish we were there too. Inna is clearly an amazing coach, and some of her Instagram photos proves exactly that. She clearly cared about the people on her team, and it’s so great to see photos of her with the contestants.

Within the video, we see The Kidz having fun, singing their song, and all getting along. We see quick snapshots of Inna and Lori Ciobotaru; however, they never become the forefront of the visual, allowing total focus on The Kidz.

The single is available to download now and should be available to stream soon. “Kids In Town” will be released by Global Records.

What do you make of echipaINNA? Is The Kidz “Kids In Town” your new favourite song? Let us know all your thoughts about these contestants from Vocea României Junior on Twitter @CelebMix and tell us your thoughts on Inna as a coach.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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