Gnash Walks Fans Through His Relatable Struggles At NYC Concert

Singer-songwriter, gnash, has left each Broken Hearts Club Tour city wearing his heart on his sleeve while performing songs from his recently released album, we.

Before finally arriving to New York City, alternative artist Guardin and Australian musician, singer, and rapper Mallrat joined gnash on “the broken hearts club.” They both warmed up the crowd before leaving the stage to the main headliner.

Guardin first arrived on stage ready to sing his songs “Demons in my Orbit,” “Rather be a Ghost,” and “I Think You’re Really Cool” with the crowd. His low ranging vocals and musical similarities to recent emo-rap artists remind you of how quickly emo-rap has infiltrated our current music charts. Mallrat, who previously went on tour with Maggie Rogers before joining Gnash, delivered songs from her two EP’s In The Sky and Uninvited while her die-hard fans sang in unison. She’ll be headlining her own tour this March.

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Once gnash finally hit the stage, fans went frantic over the “Imagine If” vocals and seeing their favorite artist on the stage. He dived into the song about wanting to turn back time to fix the wrongs he’s caused with a girl. It’s definitely a high-intensity song that can also get you feeling many feelings.

It wasn’t until “Pajamas” when fans became more enchanted by the music happening right in front of their eyes. This song got the crowd moving and singing along with gnash, who was leading them every step of the way.  

“Dear Insecurities” got everyone in the audience involved as gnash stopped mid-way to get everyone to chant the lyrics “my imperfections make me perfect.” “It’s very important to feeling better when you walk out of this room tonight,” he began. “Cause our only goal tonight is that you walk out of that door feeling better than when you walked in through that door. And so far I’m doing my job! This is really important to me so it should be important to you too.”

After he received a loud chant, he began the verse again “dear insecurities, when you gonna take your hands off me?”

This New York tour date was sold out and filled with fans from all over the area. Gnash took every moment he could to remind them “I love you all individually and as a group.”

Gnash mentioned he did yoga before the show but with a large group of people, the best way to relax is to meditate. “We’re gonna countdown from 3 together, ya ready?” he enthusiastically said. “In through the nose, out through the mouth. We’re gonna focus on this moment and how amazing it feels.”

“On the in, I want you to put all your positive energy you possibly can and everywhere you need them in your body. On the out, I want you to let go of anything that happened out there, let go of any worries.”

From the music to the short breaks of swaying back and forth with one another, fans left with a huge comfort in knowing they were who they were and were able to share that with a large group of people.

At the end of the night, gnash finished with the tour’s theme “The Broken Hearts Club” and “T-shirt” which got the crowd jumping just as high as they were when the show began with “Imagine If.” His music bought joy and comfort to those who got their spot on the Irving Plaza floor and listened to the album over and over again.

Join in on one of gnash’s tour dates for a fun night of music and mini-meditation breaks with gnash! The remaining dates are below:


“Imagine If”

“I Hate U I Love U”

“Feelings Fade”

“Tell Me It’s Okay”




“Dear Insecurity”


“Nobody’s Home” / “Raining Out”

“Ilusm” / “Leave A Message”

“The Broken Hearts Club”


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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_