The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week

Get your aprons ready, because The Great British Bake Off is back again! This week, it’s biscuit week. Last time on GBBO (which was watched by over 10 million viewers), we saw 67 year old contestant Lee Banfield being eliminated from the competition in last place after being unable to triumph the all important cake week.
The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week 1

Last week, we also saw the great Jaffa Cake controversy. Should it be in cake week? Or should it be in biscuit week? Fans on twitter got right into the debate

The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week 1


It didn’t stop there, things kicked off again when Paul Hollywood decided to DUNK his Jaffa Cake, much to the disgust of viewers.



The majority of viewers voted in favour of the Jaffa Cake being indeed a cake, although there is still debate lurking around the subject.

Onto Week 2!

This week, star host, Sue Perkins, did not host alongside her co-host Mel Giedroyc. It’s reported that a bereavement stopped her appearance, which was recorded in April, but don’t fret! Sue will be back in next week’s episode.



The Signature Challenge

In this week’s signature challenge, we saw contestants attempt to make 24 iced biscuits in two and a half hours. Jane was feeling the pressure after being named Star Baker last week. Paul and Mary expected the biscuits to be equal in size and “as crisp as Paul Hollywood’s hair.” And at only 4 minutes in, the first ‘moist’ had been mentioned.

Contestant Kate’s lavender and bergamot flavour scheme brought a look of worry to Mary Berry, with a ‘slightly skincare’ comment from Mel upon smelling.

The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week 1
Radio Times/BBC

The competition moved on, and disaster struck as contestant Louise accidently dropped her batch of biscuits on the ground. Biscuits with a topping of carpet, anyone?

The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week 2

In the end, Andrew’s biscuits were labelled as rather stale, Val only managed to get out 19 and Rav’s icing was seen as rather messy. The majority of the biscuits were a success, only some were criticised as being too soft or the icing not being uniform. It seems like Tom’s was Paul’s favourite, gaining the comment “you’ve nailed it!”

The Technical Challenge

In this week’s technical challenge, contestants were asked to recreate one of Mary’s recipes which features 12 Viennese whirls. Mary expected them to be rather soft but crumbly, the swirl to be visible and the jam and cream to be equal.

The innuendos were strong with this challenge

A lot of the contestents’ swirls came out flat and ended up cracking, but who’s was the most impressive? In last place was Selasi who’s swirls lost all definition and lacked the biscuit qualities. In first place was Kate who perfected the jam and cream balance aswell as the overall taste. Next up, the main event, the showstopper!

The Showstopper Challenge

In this week’s showstopper challenge, we saw the eleven remaining contestants attempt to create a 3D gingerbread object, and not just a boring christmas ginger bread house, Mary and Paul expected an item which needed to be 30cm high and needed to feature at least eight gingerbread characters or objects.

After all the collapses, trials and errors and a ton of ginger bread, the bakers were finished.

This weeks star baker was Candice with her ginger bread pub creation which wowed the judges. The baker who unfortunately leave the tent this week was Louise, who couldn’t master her ginger bread church.
The Great British Bake Off Week 2: Biscuit Week 2

That’s all for this week, folks! Join us next week for more #GBBO action, which this time, features one of the toughest challenges, bread week.

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