Gregory Porter has released his beautiful new album All Rise

Gregory Porter has released his sixth studio album All Rise and it’s beautiful. It has a strong emphasis on Gregory’s stunning vocals.

All Rise which was produced by Troy Miller and released via Decca Records/Blue Note is everything you need and want in an album. Strong vocals, heartfelt lyrics and songs that make you feel good and are really uplifting.

Credit: Amy Sioux

The record features the talents of Gregory’s longtime bandmates and a handpicked horn section, a 10-member choir, and the London Symphony Orchestra Strings.

Standout tracks on the album include Concorde, Revival Song and Modern Day Apprentice. Each track showcases Gregory’s vocals superbly and makes you feel good as you listen.

In reality, there is not a bad or skippable track on the entire album. There are upbeat tracks and then they’re a couple of slower tempo ones that perfectly balance out the entire body of work.

It’s a wonderfully easy listen that is full of heart and soul. The type of album that creates conversation at dinner parties as it plays in the background. Or one you listen to as you relax in the bath after a long day, letting the music wash away all your cares.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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