Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13 Premiere Recap

“The future is ours to choose, for better or for worse,” were Meredith’s wise words during Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy fall premiere, but where will the future stand for her good pal, Alex Karev? Being two of the only original characters left, Meredith and Alex’s friendship has become the heart of the show.

First, let’s rewind to last season’s finale when Alex came home to his love interest, Jo, not only drunk in bed, but unexpectedly accompanied by Andrew DeLuca. Although it wasn’t what it appeared to look like, Alex didn’t know that and immediately reacted with his fists, leaving DeLuca in a pretty bad shape to say the least. The misunderstanding occurred after Jo got blackout drunk, thinking it would help numb the pain of losing Alex after she failed to commit to him because she’s still secretly married to an abusive man from her past. Also, her real name isn’t even Jo Wilson. What?!

Now, DeLuca is in the hospital while Jackson tries and repairs the victim’s busted eye so he can still have full vision. Could you imagine if DeLuca was no longer able to become a doctor? Alex is in deep water and with a swollen hand, people have become suspicious of who is to blame for DeLuca’s serious injuries. Meredith confronted Alex and instead of going to Dr. Bailey with the truth, she told Alex to tell others he slipped in the rain. As for Jo, well, let’s just say she is more than motivated to hop on out of Seattle after a not so successful conversation with Alex. That is, until Richard stopped her and reminded her that running away won’t fix her problems or this messy situation that she has found herself in the middle of.

Maggie can’t believe her ex-boyfriend’s condition. She asked Meredith who hurt him, but Meredith played the clueless card. Obviously, she isn’t going to throw her BFF Alex under the bus. Riggs tried to confront Maggie, referring to DeLuca as her boyfriend. This caught Maggie off guard since her and DeLuca are no longer together and she’s desperately trying to make moves on Riggs who’s into Meredith, Maggie’s biological sister. Talk about a love triangle, huh?

On a more positive note, remember April had her and Jackson’s baby? You know, that same moment Ben performed a C-section on April’s kitchen table? Baby Japril and her mother are doing well. April and Jackson revealed to Catherine that they decided on her granddaughter’s name-Harriet Kepner-Avery, which is a happy compromise for everyone involved. Keep in mind that April and Jackson are not together, which makes everything incredibly complicated. But, would you expect anything else from Shonda? She continuously keeps us on our toes.

Meredith felt that deep down she was in over her head by keeping such a big secret, so she went to Bailey and told her Alex was the one who beat up DeLuca. As Bailey and Meredith went searching for Alex, they discovered him in the midst of being arrested. After finding out DeLuca was not taking advantage of drunk Jo and only trying to help get her home safe, Alex knew he needed to own up to his actions and senseless judgement. So, he did what he had to do and turned himself in.

Maggie became angry with Meredith knowing she tried to cover for Alex. Mer then promised from then on out never to lie to her sister, which made things awkward when Riggs showed up announced at their door. Mer and Riggs have so much sexual tension, but if Maggie knew they even so much kissed, she would cut ties with Mer. Because of this, Meredith painfully tells Riggs that she doesn’t feel the same way. She is hiding her feelings to respect Maggie’s.

Meredith then went to visit Alex in the slammer and they had a warm heart-to-heart through the bars of a jail cell. He is incredibly broken and lost, but luckily, he has Mer by his side. Grey’s fans, do you think that deep down, Alex and Meredith are actually in love with each other after all of these years? Or, do you think there is some hope left for Jolex to rekindle their problems?

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Written by Cayla Masters

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