Grey’s Recap: Who shared a painful secret from their past?

“When someone you love is in physical danger, finding the strength you need to save them is easy. But sometimes, the threat isn’t physical. Sometimes it goes deeper, in which case, no instincts can save you. No superhuman strength. No adrenaline rush. You can’t power your way out from under the crashing car. All you can do is sit and wait and wish things were different.” Meredith’s voice-overs are always full of wisdom and unarguably true. Oh, did we wish things were different– especially when we found out Catherine was trying to let Alex loose from Grey-Sloan Memorial.

It turns out Catherine believes Bailey is being too lenient with her staff. She threatened to step in and replace Alex if Bailey didn’t make an effort to do so herself. (Yeah, she owns the place… so what?) Catherine fears for the hospital’s reputation since he is being in the midst of charged with felony assault. But, Bailey has always stood by Alex, who has become a fantastic pediatric surgeon under her wing and has shown tremendous growth throughout his medical career.

While all of this was going down, Alex met a pregnant woman named Victoria in line for security at the courthouse. He noticed a rash on her hands and advised she stop by the clinic, which she unarguably does. When Victoria told Alex she had been losing weight, he saw a red flag and wanted to run more tests. The tests showed she had pancreatic cancer and would immediately need surgery and chemotherapy. However, to begin treating the cancer, she would have to terminate her pregnancy. By refusing treatment, Victoria would have less than a year to live and could potentially die before the baby is delivered.

Bailey told Victoria those were her only options, but Alex chimed in to suggest a Whipple surgery. This would allow Victoria to live long enough to deliver her baby, although she would still eventually lose her fight against the fatal disease. Bailey became infuriated that Alex “overstepped his boundaries.” She knew deep down Alex wasn’t wrong in this situation and that he was only trying to think of the best solution for his patient and what she wants.

Bailey tried to convince Victoria to treat her cancer and make that her first priority but she doesn’t see that as a choice, being they would both end up facing death. The baby’s father is devastated knowing he is going to lose his best friend and is terrified of the thought of raising the child without Victoria. Alex calmed his nerves, telling him the trick to parenting is showing up and simply being there. Ugh, isn’t Alex so passionate about his patients? It’s no wonder why Bailey doesn’t want to let him go.

After last week’s negative pregnancy test, Amelia refused to talk about the matter with Owen, who is openly showing interest in starting a family. She swore up and down she was fine, but could be read like an open book. It was clear something was eating her alive about the test results. Amelia then dropped a bomb on Owen, saying that they should focus on their newlywed lifestyle before thinking about having kids.

Amelia’s day continued to worsen when two car-crash victims, a father and son, came into the ER after an accident induced by road rage. The father, who was driving appeared to be fine after having minor surgery. His 12-year-old son had a bad cut on his head, but was up walking around, talking and remaining calm. While he was waiting for his mother to arrive at the hospital, the boy broke down in tears about the nature of the accident before unexpectedly collapsing. He was immediately rushed into surgery but died on the operating table. Amelia had to break the news to his parents. The mother reacted by turning to her husband and saying, “I wish it was you” as he laid recovering in a hospital bed.

Distraught, Amelia ran into the doctors’ lounge to collect herself. Alex was in there waiting to hear about his patient’s Whipple. Amelia stared at Alex, who thought that was his cue to leave the lounge. Amelia then opened up to him, explaining she once had a baby boy who was born without a brain and she only got to hold him for less than an hour before he passed. She never told her family about him, not even Owen. Amelia explained to Alex that she was relieved when the test showed she wasn’t pregnant. She also fears that Owen won’t look at her the same way if he knew her story. We hope Owen and Amelia can get through this rough patch, but she will need to learn to open up to him wholeheartedly.

As for Alex, Bailey told Catherine that he is going to stay despite at Grey-Sloan his pending charges. Catherine quickly shrugged it off, as she is focused on bigger issues. She told Bailey that Alex isn’t the first doctor who got in trouble and received a second chance. There has been plenty, which is the root of the problem. Bailey then suggested to Catherine she speak to Richard about it since he is the highest when it comes to their education program. But, that’s exactly it. Catherine, Richard’s own wife, thinks her spouse is the hospital’s problem. It looks like someone else is now on the verge of losing their job.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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