10 Best Tweets from #GrowingUpADirectioner

With the imminent arrival of the six-year anniversary of One Direction, Directioners used Twitter to trend #GrowingUpADirectioner and shared memories of some of their favorite things during their time as fans. Scrolling through the hashtag is sure to bring about a spell of nostalgia. While there were plenty of tweets that made our hearts ache (we’ll get to those), there were plenty that had us doubled over in laughter! Here are 10 of our favorites.

10. The Black Hole

We’ve all been there: just one more video, we whispered at 3AM.

9. When everyone knows


We wear our Directioner status loud and proud, thank you very much.

8. The most relatable tweet

We’ve all been there. Our empty bank accounts are proof.

7. The interior design

Is it bad that our room still looks like this?

6. The prank

If you’ve somehow missed the best prank ever, you can watch it here.

5. The Olympic sprint to the TV

* Ready to Run plays in the background *

4. The study sessions


3. The truth

This always makes us smile!

2. The dedication

Parody or not, we knew every One Direction song.


1. The 1D Day classic

Long live 1D day!


Get your tissues ready.




It’s memories like these that will have to fuel us through this hiatus. There have been countless great memories over the years, and the best, we hope, is yet to come.

What memories does #GrowingUpADirectioner bring up for you? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix1D!



Written by CelebMix