JoJo Teases Songs Off Of Her Anticipated New Album 'Mad Love'

Guess The Song: JoJo Mad Love Edition

It’s been ten years since we’ve had a JoJo album, finally, she was able to release it. “Mad Love” was released last week.

You’ve had a full week to get to know every song on the album. Every track is fire, and everyone has a total different favourite. The album spawned four instant grat singles; official first single “F*** Apologies“, which also has a music video; “FAB“, “Mad Love“, and “Music” followed.

There are also three collaborations. Wiz Khalifa, Remy Ma, and Alessia Cara all feature on the album. So in honour of them, we’ve added a few bonus questions, can you guess who sung what?

Do you really know all the songs? Test your knowledge and see how well you know JoJo’s third album “Mad Love”.


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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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