Hailee Steinfeld’s Debut Single “Love Myself” Hits The Billboard’s Hot 100

“Gonna love myself, no I don’t need anybody else.”


Hailee Steinfeld’s debut single Love Myself has officially hit the Billboards Hot 100. Love Myself has definitely become one of the new female/feminism empowerment anthems. With 313K on Twitter and 1M followers on Instagram, Beyoncé better watch out with Steinfeld on the rise.

With over 3 million views on the YouTube audio and music video of the song combined, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the 18 year olds debut single is already at number 96. Steinfeld played Emily on the recently released movie, Pitch Perfect 2, on which she sang a cover of Jessie J’s song Flashlight. She later posted a non-movie clip cover of this song on her YouTube channel, which currently has almost 2 million views and over 40,000, likes. Quite a few YouTubers have cited her song as well including Sierra Furtado (1M) and Ryan Minajj (138K). Love Myself has also been featured on many Spotify playlists; such as United States Viral 50 (5th place), and currently has over 2 million plays.

Steinfeld is most known for her Academy Award at the young age of 13 for her role in the 2010 movie True Grit, but if she keeps up this exemplary performance in the music industry, she may start become being known for something a little different. Steinfeld’s Love Myself is an incredibly catchy, up beat, and fast moving song about loving yourself and subtly gives the some times needed reminder that everyone is beautiful, and you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to be able to know this.

Whether you’re a girl or boy, single or taken, Love Myself is a song that will have you simultaneously having a solo dance party (with a possible hairbrush microphone) while at the same time give you the self-confidence everyone needs.

Watch the music video here: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMpFmHSgC4Q]

Written by CelebMix